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Cassidy King Captures Us With Stunning Visuals On 'Polaroid'

Born in the small town of Chardon, Ohio, singer-songwriter Cassidy King has a life that reads somewhat like a storybook full of highs, lows, trials, tribulations, and metamorphic experiences that she breathes into every inch of her artistic talent for storytelling. Before tallying millions of streams and views online, the singer discovered herself in the face of family turmoil and despite struggling with coming to terms with her sexuality as a queer woman (something that rendered her homeless for five months) King seemingly found her purpose in inspiring the lives of others as well as transforming her own in the process.

Although she had a life long passion for music King never saw it as a viable career option, that was until a friend tweeted a video of her singing that went viral and her distant dreams of creating music soon became a reality, gradually garnering a devout fanbase that connected to her tales of retribution. Inspired by the likes of Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, and Paramore, King fashions an emotionally charged sound steeped in alternative candor, R&B mystique, and indie spirit, something we hear in her newest single ‘Polaroid’. With her 2020 EP in the pipeline, Miss King is certainly one to watch out for.

This video is here to remind you that anyone who put themselves in a position to lose you, never deserved you in the first place and that you have every right to let go of toxicity whether that be familiar or romantic. You are under no obligation to hold on to the needs of someone else. - Cassidy King

The visuals for Polaroid feel soul-baring and empowering, we see Cassidy looking back at people from her past including her father and an ex-lover, now that she has realised she doesn't need them to be happy Cassidy finally let's go of her ghosts. The music video was made by Norway based film production company Pan Media (Girl In Red, Hanne Mjøen) and more specifically Director Peter Theisen Amlie, Producer Ida S. Frank and Cinematographer Marius Moe Gilboe. Speaking on the collaboration with Cassidy Director Peter and Producer Ida said:

Cassidy came to me with a treatment and I kind of took it and transformed it into something with my signature. It’s abstract and artsy and I love that, most music videos I do are. I’m glad I got the honour to tell Cassidy’s story through my way of doing film and that she trusts me to get into these parts of her story and life, and let’s me tell them the way I think they should. It’s great to be able to do that. - Director, Peter Thiesen Amlie
It couldn’t be more beautiful, when collaborating turns in to something so much more than just a product. It becomes a shared passion, a vision shaped together and shared values in expressing oneself artistically. It all contributes to believing in each other, triggering us to help each other up in this creative industry rather than tearing one another down. - Producer, Ida S. Frank

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