• Micah Chudleigh

A$AP Nast and D33J Are Fresh to Death in 'Designer Boi' Video

A$AP Nast and D33J have linked up again to deliver visuals for their second collaboration, the easy-listening ‘Designer Boi’.

A fashion-orientated video for a fashion-orientated song; the video has a real vintage feel throughout, from the fashion to camera angles and filters. Nast and D33J play a two-man casting crew, searching for a star out of a host of women in various colourful outfits.

Upon finding their star, a brown-skinned girl with long braids, they begin the photoshoot, but nothing seems to go to plan. Initially unable to get her to pose correctly, various things take Nast’s attention away from shooting her, leaving her frustrated and eventually trashing the whole set.

The video flows really nicely from scene to scene and is extremely watchable, matching with the overall relaxed vibe of the song. With the video running time coming in at 3 minutes, the story arc is light-hearted, fun experience nut don’t expect a Martin Scorcese-esque spectacle. Extremely enjoyable nonetheless, the story line is really just a showcase for the real purpose of the video – the outfits.

You can’t make a song called ‘Designer Boi’ and then appear in the video with weak fits, and any member of the A$AP Mob will tell you that anyway. So, it’s no surprise that Nast, D33J and the entire female cast were dripped out in clothes marking various era’s of fashion. Nast recently said that he doesn't want to listen to music of people that don't 'dress nice' - he can most definitely include himself in the 'dressing nice' category for sure; switching between a leather jacket over a knitted turtleneck and a tweed suit.

A good video for a really good song, Nast and D33J have built up great chemistry musically, and if this video is anything to go back, in front of the camera too. Hopefully we see the two of them continue to work together going forward.

In the meantime, check out the video for ‘Designer Boi’ here:

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