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The GLASS: A Creative Collision of Art, Boxing, and Fashion Film Making, Supported by Chivas Regal

On a cool evening in Shoreditch, London, the new Art’otel Gallery space buzzed with anticipation as art enthusiasts, film aficionados, and various pockets of the London creative scene gathered for the premiere of "The GLASS." Directed by Peter Famosa, also known as Earthboi, and presented by the innovative clothing brand The New Originals, this event was a sensory feast supported by Chivas Regal, the World’s first luxury Whisky. The event commenced at 6 PM with three scheduled screenings of the short film, "The GLASS," featuring North London Championship boxer Elliot Elimasi.

During the screenings, director Peter Famosa then reflected on the film and its significance. He revealed that the protagonist, Elliot Elimasi, was instrumental in introducing him to filmmaking. Although their career paths diverged, "The GLASS" serves as a testament to their shared passion and creativity. This project, supported by The New Originals, brought their journey full circle, emphasizing the brand's commitment to merging athleticism with creative expression.

The New Originals, known for their ethos "Creatives Are The New Athletes" supported the film and curated this event in collaboration with Agency THIIIRD WRLD and production house Scry Town. The gallery space was transformed into a dynamic arena of emotion, reflecting the electrifying atmosphere of a fight night. The centerpiece of the exhibition was a stunning 9-foot canvas, depicting the boxer in various stages of his internal combat. Accompanying this were supplementary images that further delved into the film's themes.

"The GLASS" is a film and activation that depicted a profound exploration of internal conflict, conveyed through the visceral power of boxing. Set against a brutalist backdrop, the film immerses viewers in a raw, intense experience, inviting them into the deeply personal journey of its protagonist. The narrative unfolds through the eyes of Peter Famosa, portraying the struggles and triumphs of a boxer battling not just his opponents, but his inner demons.

Throughout the evening, New Wave Magazine's social media channels provided a live stream of the event's highlights, offering our followers an immersive experience. From the screenings to the art displays, we documented every moment, ensuring that the energy and emotion of the event was shared far and wide.

We had the privilege of speaking with the film's executive producer Efosa Idubor-Williams who expressed his excitement and gratitude for the event. He shared, "Wandering through this gallery, allow yourself to be swept away by the emotion and creativity that permeate every corner with the artwork and the people that have come to experience it. It's a conversation between you and the art, a chance to confront your own internalized thoughts which we all need to face. Thank you to all my friends and family that came to support the showcase and remember there's beauty in the struggle, and power in the expression of your own truth."

As attendees navigated the gallery, they were treated to an array of Chivas Regal cocktails, each inspired by the event's themes. The signature drink, "The Glass," featured the vibrant flavors of pineapple, raspberry, and lime blended with Chivas Regal 12 Scotch Whisky. Another highlight was "Scary Town," a Scotch twist on a classic cognac cocktail made with Chivas XV.

The evening was not only a visual and auditory spectacle but also an interactive experience. The gallery featured TNO branded boxing memorabilia from the film, including a unique punching bag dubbed 'the note bag,' which attendees could sign and engage with. As the night progressed, the crowd enjoyed the pulsating beats from DJ PDR, Tayo Iku, and TNO founder Eben Badu, adding to the event's dynamic energy.

In essence, "The GLASS" event at Art’otel Gallery was an important blend of art, sport, and fashion. It captivated its audience, providing a thought-provoking commentary on the nature of internal conflict and the creative process. Through the powerful medium of film and the compelling aesthetics of the exhibition, attendees were invited to ponder the parallels between athleticism and artistry, leaving a lasting impression long after the final screening.