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Talia Goddess Remains ‘Forever Young’ in New Tantalizing Music Video

Coming from the heart of Brooklyn, 21 year old Guyanese-British Tayahna Walcott, better known by her stage name Talia Goddess, unveils a brand new music video for her third single of the year ‘FOREVER YOUNG’. Just in time before the release of her next EP ‘DOWN 2 EARTH’ on November 10th. Whereas in visuals for ‘I WANT U’ and ‘ONE TIME’, Talia mainly focused on storytelling, her new track however takes a twist into London’s vibrant streets and Guyanese beaches as she chants her heart away to the rhythm of love.

Not only has Talia Goddess been roaming in the music scene as early as 2017, but also, she has already managed to accumulate a strong audience who adores her for her Dancehall and Pop merging. At the time, just a child star serving her community through music and live performances, it was ‘Never Wanna Fall’, a 2021 track that explores the depth of rock sound effects and Hip-Hop lyrics with a dancehall vibe, that really placed Talia on the world map and resonates with the self-taught Brooklyn artist that we can not get enough of her today.

Talia Goddess' new visuals ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ can be best described as both a day trip on the streets of London and the mesmerizing beach in Guyane, two places that were pivotal in shaping the young starlet as we know her today. From a first view, it does look like Talia was participating in the famous Notting Hill carnival, choosing to join the fest and representing her Carribean roots. As she walks between crowds of people dancing, having fun and raising their Caribbean flags with pride, the sound really wraps it around and gives the clip a sense of youthfulness. Of course, it can not be recognized as a 21st century anthem without a retro filter in a few scenes and Y2K clothing that seems to fit Talia just like a glove. All of these different elements really bring out the best out of the single and puts empathy on the carefree image Talia wishes to portray.

Her third single ‘FOREVER YOUNG’ does not only speak to the youth, but also, is a celebration of love. This can be interpreted between split seconds where two partners or friends are seen smiling and giving each other passionate embraces in a studio background and also, in natural settings such as the festive and tropical beach. Moreover, Talia doesn’t shy away in showing some of her dance moves, lighting up the place with luminous projectors and a catchy hook.

Regardless of where the day may take her, it is safe to say that Talia Goddess is here for the long run and plans of having all of the fun along the way. Talia not only takes pride in her Carribean roots through her music and Dancehall inspiration, but also, through the colourful visuals in which she is giving us a side of her Guyanese spice and loving nature. The combination of her videoclip and single is meant to bring people together in the name of love, fun and pride.