• Themis Gkiosasi

OXFLOYD Releases Forward-Thinking New Single “SAVE ME”

Artwork by itsPPAK & Orfeas Antoulinakis

Following his debut with “FALLING” earlier this year, a dark combination of Rock and Hip-Hop, filled with anthemic hooks, distorted guitars and hard-hitting crashes, OXFLOYD is now making his anticipated return with his new single “SAVE ME.“ Crafting his skills in songwriting, singing and guitar for about 10 years now, the 20-year-old artist aims to combine his classic rock-and-roll influences with his love for hip-hop, creating a seamless yet unpredictable blend, laced with his dark lyricism and brutal honesty.

Produced by OXFLOYD, Quiet Punkt and Orpheas, “SAVE ME“ is a true roller-coaster ride of emotions. Starting off with an uplifting rock intro, it quickly transitions into an immersive 4-on-the-floor singing section, driven by a groovy bass-line and eerie synths. The single’s rock elements are reinforced in the bridge, while the chorus explodes with the help of rattling hi-hats and hard-hitting 808s under OXFLOYD’s emotionally-charged performance; “SAVE ME” is truly an auditory journey that can’t be put in a box.

OXFLOYD shot by Akim Tsatsoulis

Born in Athens, Greece and moving to Cleveland, Ohio when he was 8 years old, OXFLOYD's creation process certainly is unconventional. One day he might play around for hours with melodies and drums before coming up with something tangible,while other times he might hear an entire song in his head before sitting down in the studio to bring it to life. “SAVE ME” started out as a beat sent to him by artist and friend Orpheas, that he randomly happened to open at 5am, just keeping a synth loop and the bassline.

" SAVE ME truly is a track that could’ve potentially never happened had I not decided to download that project at 5am in the morning. Most of the first verse was completely improvised, but my mental state at the time of writing this song definitely played a role in how it came out; ‘SAVE ME’ talks about a troubled, tired soul standing up to its inner demons, and deciding to not let them control their life anymore,”

reveals OXFLOYD.

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