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Oriol Clavell Tears Up Madrid at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Oriol Clavell presents at Mercedes-Bez Fashion Week Madrid for his debut collection ‘VIBRIA’. While completing the MA in Fashion at Central Saint Martins, Oriol has been busy creating a ‘medieval fantasy’ whereby he brings together looks that represent the idea of a “queer palace”. The 23-year-old designer has made it as a finalist for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Award presenting mini dresses in creative patterns and full black leather looks using cutting-edge technologies.

Photography by Alex Gendro and styled by Tes Rosmeri

After receiving an award by Real Leather Apparel UK the designer has gone on to produce a collection that represents the feel of the actual queer night scene using details of craftsmanship and technology. Standing apart from the crowd, Oriol elevates freedom and liberation within fashion’s competitive landsca. The designer is bringing a new meaning to European style through the curation of this collection with styling by Tes Rosmeri for the futuristic feel of the Pre-Runway shoot. Cohesive in tones and experimental in configurations, the designs are a breath of fresh air from the emerging self-named brand.

Dressing Kylie Minogue and Machine Gun Kelly are on the list of the designer’s talent roster however this is only the beginning. The Catalan designer utilises his talent to display unusual silhouettes in tonal colour palettes worn by male and female models. These fabrics are taken from deadstock within factories in Catalonia further enhancing the appeal to the eco-conscious collection. The metallic and intergalactic pieces feel futuristic yet still carry a soft elegant flair to their weight and look. Embracing diversity and inclusivity in his catwalk show, Oriol Clavell is tearing up Madrid in more ways than one.

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