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Listen To The Eerie Debut Single 'Demon' By Fayme

Fayme is an enigmatic producer and vocalist based in the UK, releasing his first single 'Demon' alongside a short promotional visual which carries the same tones and the base heavy and autotune infused melodies.

Fayme's artisty is focuses on visual aesthetics as well as the audial sonics, as a producer, his emphasis on elaborate production in the art he creates is very evident. The song, Demon is a mixture of experimental sounds with an eerie beat and melancholic vocals.

When describing this record, Fayme says, "Demon was to create a portfolio of quality production with just the accessible equipment I have in my room. The place where I reside, Leicester, England has fuelled and inspired my art through its landscape of brutalist industrial areas and dull grey skies. I want to be able to take the inspiration around me and harness it into sound. The beat was created by Lyx, a british beatmaker from Peterborough and one of my close online friends."

Various experimental sounds are used on this record, from vocal samples on the intro to distorted harmonising to a menacing interlude. Fayme's inspiration was drawn from what was around me at that time such as; Desire (women), mind altering intoxicants (drugs) and the art of mythology. Fayme describes his sound as Neon Trap, creating a special moody sinister sound that can influence others.

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