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Lady Donli's Debut Album 'Enjoy Your Life' Is An Extremely Authentic Listen.

Singer-songwriter Lady Donli is finally having her moment with the release of her debut album 'Enjoy Your life'. Although this is her first official album, Donli has been fine-tuning her abilities over the course of her four previous projects. We first came across her distinctive sound though the disco-infused record 'Games' in 2018. since then Donli has prepared for her debut by releasing singles such as 'Suffer Suffer' and fan favorite 'Cash'. The Abuja, Nigeria raised songstress gives her loyal fans and the general public ‘Enjoy Your Life’ today and it is evident her direction was to bring the authentic sounds of early afrobeat into her music while singing in her soft tones that sit on the instrumentals like a feather floating over water.

The projected retro-inspired music has been her visual direction also from promo videos to music video presentations. On this album Donli opens up to the listener about relationships within her family and friends, she also keeps the constant concept of 'feel good' music on this project. Donli also showcases her rapper dynamic on songs such as 'Good Time'.

This evolution-based path showcases how widely varied her music is/can be, while also making the music sound effortless and keeping the listener in the sonic landscape she creates. Her songwriting is also a highlight on this album evident in songs such as 'Take Me Home' and 'Trouble'.

Enjoy Your Life is a project from the Alte scene that would most resonate with both the young and old within the African diaspora. There are heavy influences to the greats of African music while also threading the project with a new feel of infused sounds from pop music to disco and Jazz. Donli enlists the talents of songstresses such as amaarae, Solis, Somadina, and VanJess, exhibiting many female talents within the Afro-Fusion genre.

Listen to the album and comment below!

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