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Gaidaa Delights On Her Stunning Debut EP Entitled ‘Overture.’

Overall, ‘Overture’ serves a perfectly nuanced-production which swirls with celestial neo-soul swoons. Gaidaa, known, as a stunning and skillful vocalist who lights up any musical backing; does exactly that on every track, as we hear her sashay across each compelling instrumentation-inflected backdrop with grace.

Delving into the EP, we are presented with the opener track “I Like Trouble,” alongside “Find My Way,” and “Stranger” which hosts contributions from Saba and Jarreau Vandal. All those aforementioned imbue the many dimensions of romance, independence, and more. Additionally we receive two of her predecessor‘s: the highly-acclaimled single “Falling Higher“ and 2019’s “Morning Blue,” a dazzling record which she preformed live for COLORS studios.

Elaborating on the concept of her project, Gaidaa shares: “Throughout the creation of this EP, the word started kinda taking its own meaning in my life. To me ‘Overture’ is not only my introduction to the world, but my reintroduction to myself. My realisation that there is more to me, and that this is only the beginning. ‘Overture’ is the beginning of my story, the start of me becoming me.”

You can listen to the ‘Overture’ EP here or on Apple Music.

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