• Rehana Harmony

Escobars Delivers Bouncing New Bop “Persian Rugs”

South London’s Escobars is back with all-new track, titled “Persian Rugs” (watch visual here). 

“Persian Rugs” reflects the rappers lavish lifestyle as he paints a picture through his bouncing flow which is laced with tongue-in-cheek one liners and all the trappings of a rap and trapstar.

Accompanying the track is a fresh set of Jay Papworth-directed visuals, which take you on a journey. Beginning with scenes of a young Escobars, who wonders through a forest before coming across a caravan. Once opened, we find the rapper in present day, revelling in the juxtaposed world he exists in - which consists of frolicking with scantily clad models, lots of cash and of course... expensive rugs.

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