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"Discovering Nostalgia: PinkPantheress Guides the Journey with 'Heaven Knows'"

The ascent of PinkPantheress is a phenomenon observed by many of us active in the online realm. From her initial days of anonymity on TikTok to becoming a global sensation, the artist has garnered a dedicated following. Fans eagerly awaited the release of her debut album, 'Heaven Knows,' a meticulously curated compilation that reflects Pink's journey and ongoing success.

In the midst of the revival of hyper-pop and the return of Y2K aesthetics in both fashion and music, 'Heaven Knows' immerses itself in that cultural landscape. The single 'True Romance' serves as a gateway into this world, evoking a sense of familiarity for those who came of age during the late 90s and early 2000s Brit-pop era, circa McFly's 'Five Colours in Her Hair.'

Having started producing and performing her songs from her bedroom during the pandemic, the artist skillfully guides us through each track, consistently weaving an emotional narrative that makes listeners feel like delving into her personal diary.

PinkPantheress firmly asserts her identity on Internet Baby, revealing a distinct facet of the artist who predominantly sings about love and romance. In contrast, the track explores the hurdles associated with online fame, as she pushes back against fans persistently requesting the release of her demos.


The album seamlessly navigates various sub-genres within the electronic realm, once more evoking the nostalgic essence of Britpop days. From the collaborative feature with Central Cee on "Nice to Meet You," reminiscent of the Brit-pop era, to the alternative sounds drawing inspiration from Emo and K-pop, Heaven Knows showcases PinkPantheress melodic and upbeat presentation, illustrating her ongoing musical evolution.

Listen to Heaven Knows here