• Elle Evans

Bryson Tiller Returns With New Track 'Blame'

Bryson Tiller has been keeping a relatively low profile so far this year. Being one of R&B's most authentic artist's, a lot of his listeners have been kept in mystery of what Bryson will next do following the 2017 release of True To Self. Bryson has just dropped a new song entitled Blame which he released on his official website. Whether this is going to be featured on the forthcoming project Serenity that was delayed or as a standalone single we aren't quite sure. In 2018, he wrote a statement saying that he wasn't happy with Serenity but this release could be a hint that the project is in fact dropping sooner than we think.

Blame is a reflection of a broken relationship and the regret that surrounded his actions. Bryson's vocals sit effortlessly over the hard hitting and wavey beat. Bryson offers a more vulnerable perspective in this track with the following noteable lyrics:

Can't keep explainin' myself Feels like I'm drainin' myself I guess there's no one to blame but myself Got a big Henny cup, I'll drink it with help I'm taintin' myself, I'm ashamed of myself I've been praying for myself like you used to Let us know your thoughts on Blame!

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