• Elle Evans

Banks Releases Brand New 'III' Album

Known for her creativity and versatility, Jillian Banks the LA-based songstress has just released her third-studio album III . After taking a break, the singer has returned with her twist on dark, seductive Alt-R&B. Built on trippy and bass heavy beats, she floats between Trap, R&B and Pop to build yet another intriguing and captivating 13 track long project. III overall is a reflection on a relationship's flaws and peaks and restoration that can come with leaving a bad one.

Teasing the album, Banks dropped lead single Gimme as a taster of what was to come. A more electrifying and hypnotic badass single that is most definitely the stand-out track on the whole album. Built with heavy synths and Banks's mesmerising vocals, this track will find you hitting the repeat button over and over. In an interview Banks stated that Gimme's message is about getting what you want, knowing what you deserve, saying it out loud and demanding it with no apologies. Watch the visuals to Gimme below.

Track No.4 Stroke, is a song about falling for a narcissist "You want me to stroke your ego, beg for it, die for it". When someone is constantly searching and craving validation to the point where it will suck and drain you dry. Correlating with the sheer brutality of the lyricism, the beat is almost industrial yet seductive. Banks said in a statement that "Stroke is singing from a perspective of 'You're a narcissist, and I know that about you, but I'll play into your game' kind of teasing him, like, 'Keep begging and I'll stroke your ego.'" Other stand out track's for me are Contaminated and Godless. Contaminated is based around wanting something so badly but knowing its too toxic. It feels good in the moment but later on feels rough. Constantly searching for pockets of hope and convincing yourself that it will work out - this song is the realisation that it will never work. Godless, a highlight for production but also closure for a relationship. Collaborating with a previous lover who was the fuel behind some of the lyrics, Banks finished the song enabling closure. Stripping back on the heavy production, track Sawzall takes a more amibent and relaxed approach. Sung from a point of unconditional loving and and a place of non-judgement this is a song of pure reflection - looking back on a relationship and thinking 'What is it my fault?', 'Were you just depressed?', 'Am I overthinking this?'. Alaska takes on a more fun and quirky approach which separates it from the album, glimpsing at a slightly different from Banks to what we are used to. You can stream III below or on Spotify here.

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