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Sorry sir this space is reserved for a king Not somebody looking for just a quick fling Somebody who's serious and won't waste my time A man full of love, who'll keep me on cloud nine This space is reserved for a man who is loyal One who who'll sing Tarrus Riley 'She's royal' A man who's compassionate, romantic and fun The type of guy you can take home to your mum I don't want my impatience to lead me to settle

'Cos I'm looking for a love, stronger than any mental I'll be a God fearing woman to match my God fearing man A couple that prays together stays together so that's the plan I want to build a life with somebody like-minded Because I don't want to end up being blindsided I have hopes of marriage and kids in the future So I need to choose carefully when picking a suitor I wanna look at my king and think 'Issa snack' And I want him to look at me and think the same back I don't want Mr right now, I want my Mr forever Someone who's ambitious, caring and clever Patience is a virtue although it can be hard But one day your King will appear and catch you off guard So don't give away your heart prematurely Have faith and be patient and he'll come along, surely!

#video #poetry #art #relationship #patience #reserved

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