Directed & Written by Korrie.p

Co-Directed by Jesse Crankson

‘RAGE’ delves into the prevalent disconnect between Black men and their emotions, and seeks to highlight that masculinity often suppresses the Black man’s ability to express them. With emphasis on the complexities of the self, the project aims to engage Black men in a conversation about their mental health and how vulnerability doesn’t equate to weakness, whilst also providing them with the right tools and language to articulate themselves. “RAGE is a letter of self reflection. A thorough and introspective examination of the intricacies of the human condition, as experienced through the eyes of a Black man”, says Powell. What does vulnerability mean in relation to masculinity? Are they mutually exclusive? “RAGE doesn’t simply describe pure anger, it’s a culmination of emotions, it is pain and frustration; and an inability to communicate”.

To create a cohesive and fully immersive project, Powell wanted to delve into the issue through a multitude of lenses. The 6-minute short film pulls you into the mind of the protagonist, takes you on the journey that he goes through, and provokes you into questioning the relationship between masculinity and vulnerability. The photographic series expands on the project’s themes by taking the surreal elements of the film and grounding them in reality, Powell asks, how do we view rage in Black inner-city environments?