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M24 Is Tearing Up The UK Hip Hop Scene With New Project

2020 has been a year of unexpected events, tragedies and dare we say it - opportunities. This is something that Brixton native M24 has tried to power through as a resilient and relatively new act that has become one of the most talked about names in the UK music scene and especially in the Drill subgenre. Since the release of his single 'We Don't Dance' alongside Stickz and UK top 40 song 'London' with Tion Wayne, M24 has continued to develop as an artist and cultivate impactful moments to grow his audience and presence in the music game.

The release of his single Peter Pan two months ago was another step in the right direction, the song has since garnered almost 2 million views on youtube after the release of 'No Cap' two months prior which also received a great response from fans. His latest collaboration with established producer duo iLL BLU and one of the biggest acts in the UK music scene Unknown T, he carries is own on the record, delivering a powerful and high energy chorus that sets the tone for the song as a whole.

M24's voice is one of the most distant in music and his latest project is a great example of his musical presence and quality beat selection. His signature adlib has now become one with the UK Drill sound and his new project Drip N Drill is a collection of high octaine sounds that are  tailored to the avid dill fans  around the world. 

In our interview, we speak to M24 about his love for music and being in the studio, as well as family life and being a new father. 

Words by  Rehana Harmony

Creative Direction:Derrick Odafi & Frank Rodgiguez

Photography Kay Ibrahim

Photography Assistant Nifty

Hair/Grooming Blessing Kambanga

Stylist Connor Gaffe

Styling Assistant Sain Wilkinson

Project Manager Jessica Rushforth

Project Assistant Jessica Offor

Special Thanks to Lucid Online

Since you started your career, you've hit the ground running. In a short amount of time you’ve been able to lock in a large fanbase who is always eager to hear heat you have coming, why do you think that is?

To be honest with you, I just think that I’m providing a different sound every time, even though it's the same there’s always a difference. So I kind of think people are always anticipating what’s next. That’s exactly what I’m going to show on this mixtape, because I’ve got a variety of genres on there as well.

We've read  that when you were growing up, you didn’t have much self-belief. And, I think that's a story that a lot of guys can identify with. What sparked your courage and confidence to pursue something so out of the norm?

I’ve always loved music, so the more I was dropping music and I was getting a good reaction from each of the songs. I was actually starting to believe in myself and would think to myself ‘rahh I can actually do this, I can actually become something that I’ve always wanted to.’ You know what I mean? So I just kept at it to be honest, now I think it’s at a level where people actually appreciate
my music.

So you’ve always thought this is something you would like to do, but you never actually saw it as possible?

Exactly, l’ve always rapped! I have little clips of me on my iPod, from when I was 8/9 in the studio just messing about, you know what it is? I just love to rhyme. Always loved it. I used to do that now and again as a little hobby, and then it just kinda took off.


The ability to freestyle is something that I’ve noticed is lacking in the industry. Do you th