The Earth Issue

Freedom Fundraiser

The Earth Issue

Freedom Fundraiser

Round 2

Lauren Mary Fan Gerstel_Bus Driver, 2017
ImogenFreeland_Untitled, From the series

The Earth Issue’s Freedom Fundraiser is a print sale created to raise funds for bail contributions and to support organizations fighting for social justice. In response to recent events and the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, The Earth Issue and its collaborating artists wish to do our part to support the Black Lives Matter movement. The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser features work generously donated by more than 80 artists and photographers around the world. 100% of proceeds after printing and shipping will be donated to the organizations on Bail Funds: George Floyd and the 4Front Project, a UK based youth organisation that empowers young people to fight for justice, peace and freedom. 

Photography, Imogen Freeland

Jesse Crankson_I CAN'T BREATHE, 2018.jpg

Photography, Jesse Crackson

Vivek Vadoliya_Illusionists, 2020.jpg
KOEKKOEK_Untitled IX, 2020.jpg

Photography, Vivek Vadoliya

Photography, KOEKKOEK

All initial US donations will be directed to Black Lives Matter via the Bails Funds platform. 

However, The Earth Issue will continuously monitor the landscape of organisations needing 

funds, adjusting to whom we donate every 3 days based on needs and recommendations from 

frontliners in the civil rights struggle. 

This fundraiser would not be possible without the support of all contributing artists, including 

Jack Davison, Ronan McKenzie, Ale

Markn_Joseph Siblings, 2020.jpg
Chieska Fortune Smith_Back, 2018.jpg

Photography, Markn Joseph

Photography, Chieska Fortune

Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck _The Future, 201

Photography, Johanna Tagada

Siam Coy_Poached Egg, 2019.jpg

Photography, Elena Cremona

Photography, Saim Coy

Prints are available for purchase over the next 30 days and we urge you to make a purchase of these amazing pieces of art, to support a cause that has been an issue for hundreds of years.

Each piece of art is being sold at £100 GBP each (approx. $126 USD), the prints will launch on The Earth Issue’s website beginning June 5 at 10 a.m. GMT+1.


Photography, Danika Magdelena