COVER STAR - Prettyboy D-O

CREATIVE DIRECTORS - Derrick Odafi & Jessica Rushforth

CREATIVE PRODUCERS - Jessica Rushforth & Derrick Odafi

PHOTOGRAPHER - Barbara Premo

VISUAL DIRECTOR - John Serunjogi
STYLIST - Malcolm Yaeng


SET DESIGNER - Jessica Rushforth

MUA - Blessing Kambanga

STUDIO - Take More Photos Studio

Music made me a man. I’ve always been in love with music, even as a kid but more so the fashion side of music. Biggie, Mase, Tupac…” 

“ Equality, everything should be equal. No classism, tribalism, racism - no isms.

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Prettyboy D-O's Stardom Spreads 

Like 'Wildfire' On Issue IX

When you think about Afrobeats, Nigerian artists are likely to be the image of where your mind takes you, which we know boast a great deal of powerful and influential names. Trailblazing persona Prettyboy D-O is one that cannot be missed from the current list of influential artists from the powerhouse of african music. This New Jersey-born breakthrough artist offers a bouncy and vibrant sound that doesn’t let you sit still. These sounds seamlessly match his eccentric style, from his performance of ‘Jungle Justice’ on COLORS and other extremely successful singles such as ‘Same Energy’ and ‘Chop Elbow’ you can see the reflection clearly of this creativity. Prettyboy D-O is an artist that walks the tightrope of social commentary and experimental music, crediting his surroundings and personal influences for these character traits. Prettyboy is as interesting in person as he is in his music, with individuals such as Dennis Rodman and Sisqo as influences, his personal style and energy is distinct from head to toe, from his colourful hair to his expressive sense of style.

Following the recent release of his latest project, an EP titled ‘Wildfire’ which was inspired by the Book of Revelations in the Bible; Prettyboy D-O has been able to diverge between Afro-Pop to Rap showing off his versatility which separates him from the rest! Being named as king of the Alte scene, there’s no surprise that his influence is spreading with music that creates an enthralling atmosphere. Continuing on his journey, it seems the singer/rapper has a clear aim to be the greatest and inspire people along the way, paving his own path.

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How you feeling? 

P: Feeling good, feeling nice.

Obviously, you’re a Nigerian artist, but tell us about where you’re from exactly in Nigeria, what did you see/experience growing up? 

P: I’m a Nigerian artist, African artist, word artist. I was born in New York, mum gave birth to me in NYC but she went back to Nigeria. I did my whole education in Nigeria but I did college in New York. It was at college, I started releasing music. I’d say my music is very Nigerian, it talks about what I’ve been through. I moved back to Nigeria in 2015 when I graduated from college and my music is like a social commentary on life as a Nigerian, as a young man or woman growing up in Nigeria. I came from a middle class background. Before my music was fun and commercial, Over time, I’ve been starting to speak the truth and make sure all my music has a message. 

We hear that in the music for sure. You mentioned being born in New York from a middle-class family. Tell us about your family, what were they like? What was it like for them when you came around. 

P: My mum was a cosmetic supplier, she was doing well and my dad was in the military and was therefore moving around a lot. I spent loads of time with my