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Photography is a wonderful art of documentation, it allows an individual to tell a story or send a message to the world based on their perspective and how they see things. For this story, we aim the lens at a brilliant London based photographer and director. He has a few widely recognised images in his portfolio and has worked in various environments, such as the music, fashion and brand industries.


Will's fruitful relationship with photography started as a child with a Kodak camera he would shoot with. As he grew older, he wanted a way to showcase the photos he produced. This was just at the point where social media became a booming source of exposure and Instagram was the best way for photographers to share their work. Will began to actively photograph his friends and artists as they made their way in the underground scene. He continues to develop his craft and raise the level of his work to a very high standard with zero structural teaching or lessons. The experience was his teacher and a very good one at that. One creative opportunity lead to another and his presence in the world of photography grew, allowing him to consistently create such beautiful work.


Will has encountered many highlights in his career thus far, but one that stands out is his time photographing Ed Sheeran's world tour, working with Anne-Marie who was his opener at the time. The experience showed him the possibilities of his craft and where his camera can take him. This helped his recognition tremendously and allowed him to develop a distinguished style.

Through years of developing his craft, Will has been able to make his style translate through film, digital and even video productions, working with some high profile talents such as Octavian, Raye and Russ. His favourite shoots are some of the smaller, more intimate ones, where he can take pride in capturing his subject in a unique way that has not been previously seen. A perfect example of this is Will's shoot with Jorja Smith for Vevo. In this shoot we see Jorja from a sophisticated retro perspective, looking as natural as can be, lounging in her modernist home with a swimming pool in the back yard. Will depicts Jorja in a glowing manner with tones of spring/summer. This shoot also brings forth connotations of loneliness and deep thinking, this is very interesting based on the fact that Jorja's debut album 'Lost and Found' was being released at the time and the shoot is a beautiful way of presenting some of the ideas she speaks on in her music.




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Music is a big part of Will's life and he has made his name while working with some great talents in the industry. He grew up as an avid fan of music and always wanted to be involved in the industry in some way, even making his own music at a point in his life. Today, he runs the music management company, Twice Round, along with being part of the Nartiwrld collective. Rising star and fellow Nartiwrld member INFAMOUSIZAK signed to its roster. Growing up, he would study music videos and was absolutely fascinated by the creativity and storytelling in them. Directors like Nabil are big icons of his that inspired him to get into the world of film making. Will is a multitalented individual that continues to expand his skillset, no only in photography but creative expression.


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For Highsnobiety

Will's photography is also very much sought after in the fashion world. Photographing shows at London Fashion Week and commercial projects with brands such as The North Face, Urban Outfitters, Diesel and Nike. His style is seen as a beautiful way to get a brand's message across. Will has also worked with multiple respected publications in pop culture such as Highsnobiety, Notion and The Fader. Tour photography is also one of his passions. Being ready at all times, he understands the importance of one moment where you might stumble across something that just needs capturing, something that he has great fun doing on tour with American rapper Desiigner.



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