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Against a backdrop of minimalist art deco structures and drapery, SANDR invites London’s R&B star, Kaleem Taylor, to perform as the first guest on their new platform ‘The Room’. Curated to perfectly capture the moment between a candlelit rendezvous and the sun’s rise. 

New Wave is excited to announce our partnership with 'The Room', a brand new multi-genre live performance series championing some of the best new and established artists in the UK hosted by THRDS Studio. 'The Room' have managed to create an intimate, sultry aesthetic as Kaleem belts soulful riffs atop a sensual bass mirroring the steady pulse of his heart, singing a live rendition of 'Until' from his latest EP 'She Knows'.


Bathed in luxurious shades of orange and dressed to kill, London's very own R&B star Kaleem Taylor kicks off the series with a riveting rendition of 'Until' from his latest EP 'She Knows'. There is a sense of warmth and familiarity with Kaleem's voice and vocal delivery, reminiscent of those that came before him such as Jodeci and Next and his falsetto is refreshingly unique. 'Until' is Kaleem's ode to his muse; he reassures his muse that'll he'll be there until his 'his heart stops beating' over an instrumental that is hypnotic and spacious, allowing him to hit note after note without skipping a beat. There is a palpable rawness and vulnerability to his performance which also captures the essence of 'The Room' perfectly.


Kaleem is no stranger in the scene; he's shared the stage with artists such as Miguel and Boyz II Men and he has amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify. If this performance is any indicator of the calibre of artists that 'The Room' will be hosting, we're in for a great ride.

Kaleem does not disappoint in this latest performance, transcending his tone over the echoing synths and filling the space with his cool delivery and confidence. His performance is the perfect introduction to the authenticity and vocal standard of the new multi-genre platform.

Words by Andrew Ogun

Until my heart stops.
'Till my heart stop beating.


Creative Direction: Sukhy Bhandal & Rohmarra Kerr @wearesandr
DOP: Cordelia Lawler @cordelialawler
Steadicam Op: Luke Snowball @steadi_balls
Focus Puller: Devan Clarke-Sheward @devan_cs
Set Designer: Rita Adeyosoye @ritz_da_builder
Stylist: Jermaine Robinson @jermainerrobinson
Stylist Assistant: Joy Appiah @joymar__
Studio: THRDS @thrdsstudio
Sound Recordist: Charles Bidwell @charlesbidwellaudioengineer
Sound Engineer: The Code @thecxde
Editor: Lorimer Macandrew @helmworksfilm
Colourist: Adrian Nita @adinita30
BTS photography: Emily Lowe @emilylowephoto
BTS videography: Devpal Sehmi @devision_

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