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Who is Pink Sweat$ ?

The up and coming 26 year old R&B artist Pink Sweat$, was born and raised in Philly and has been making a name for himself within the last year. With his smooth vocals and melodies overlaying soft acoustic sounds, if you are a fan of Daniel Caesar or Khalid you will love Pink Sweat$.

Having only started recording music in under the last year, he has already released his debut EP Volume 1. Originally with the intention of only becoming a songwriter, listening to legends such as Prince and Michael Jackson at the age of 17 it was only a matter of time before he put his lyrics to his own use.

Pink Sweat$ says he wants his listeners to feel his songs and lyrics, it’s all about drawing an emotion from you.

Volume 1 stems from personal experiences when he was living in LA for a few months. Honesty, his most prominent song to date was the first song he wrote from the EP.

Volume 1 is mainly based around the idea that people try and force their love on one another when sometimes it’s clear they aren’t into you, its about letting go otherwise you will lose your happiness during the process.

Listen to Volume 1, comment and share below.

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