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Rhaika London -: Setting The Tone To Your Luxury Glow Athleisure-wear

As we fast approach to the end of January, known as the fitness month of the year, we continue to push forward and stick to our detox schedule, pencilled in our diaries as best as we can. Ensuring there is enough space in our wardrobes to add a bit of glow to our selection of athleisure-wear and activewear. We intend to keep motivated and active. Rhaika London is the beacon for a well-crafted, minimalistic, high-end Activewear and Athleisure-wear.

Based in London, ethically crafted and sourced in Brazil. The products are put together by sculpturing the female form with luxurious fabrics, holding a sense of sophistication in its quality that will last longer and keep its natural presence intact. It is time to start wearing something fresh for 2021, a London style that expresses a luxury glow which will not break the bank. Incorporating Rhaika London as a wardrobe staple is an investment to keep.

Since her career in Fashion Management, in 2017, the talented designer and founder Raianny Barbarioli decided it was the right time to create her brand and bring forth her love for activewear using luxury sports fabrics from Brazil. Offering products with a distinctive timeless look, together with her influence of London culture, style, she was able to bring it together with simple silhouettes with a playful attitude of luxury glow which embraced women’s confidence.

Both the brand’s activewear and athleisurewear collections emphasize the balance in luxury and leisure well. The brand creates uplifting outfits for both sides of the product categories. Not only offering leather glow textures to the products such as high waisted leggings, sports bras, crop tops and jackets, but also providing the customer with the ability to move freely, offering support and combined with SPF technology. The body has extra flexibility while keeping active.

Coming together Barbarioli’s blend with her Italian Brazilian heritage. Her mission for the brand is to make a stand-out fashion statement to her devoted customers that her products can be the perfect wearable activewear for the studio, gym and home attire. Appropriate as a wardrobe staple and ready for when you need it and worth the purchase.

That is what makes the Rhaika London suitable for the active woman. It is attractive, unique, striking with a stunning smooth fit and here to bring you an uplifting finish to your fitness and everyday look.

The talented designer and entrepreneur created easy-going products, not feeling restricted in any way and help provide support for an active lifestyle routine that her customers face on their day-to-day schedule. Setting the tone for practicality and functionality is key to Rhaika London. In her Athleisurewear collection, the customer can take the causal approach and throw on one of Barbaroli’s creations such as the high waisted compression leggings with a pair of trainers during the day and dress it up with stiletto heels for an evening out.

The beauty of Barbaroli’s creation is they offer versatility for the customer suitable for an everyday appearance. As most of us at home these days, the average woman still has things to do and continuously on-the-go. Balancing a normal lifestyle can be a little demanding with trying to get tasks completed and multitasking during a busy routine, so why not look stylish and feel free in one of Barbaroli’s creations. It brings a fresh, chic to contemporary high-end sportswear, offering the best of both trends and exploring the Wonder Woman in us all.

Adding more luxury activewear to your wardrobe staples, click more here.

Words from Charlene Foreman

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