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LF Markey Takes on Goodhood's Unrivaled East-End Spirit

If there’s something to be taken from this year, it’s reassessing those life choices we took for granted. For a hot second we were mindlessly online shopping more than ever, for nothing but an endless date with our lockdown families. Whilst for better or worse (all the better, I say), crowding into tube carriages and bars is no longer a ‘thing’, there’s even more reason to dress for the occasion, whether its a trip to Tesco for some tinnies, or a long-awaited belated birthday celebration.

Goodhood has been a firm favourite since I hit ‘go’ on my move to London. Needless to say, its home ground Shoreditch is a hotspot for the best of casual style and coffeeshop-cool: from vintage finds to the newest designer on the block, you'll find ‘fit inspiration in droves.

There’s something refined in entering Goodhood - it’s almost cavern-like, with their recent fit-out offering wooded rails loaded with an unfaltering brand curation of over 200 favourite names from menswear and womenswear, to cosmetics and lifestyle. Rest assured, any questions, their in-house team aren’t you’re usual sales associates, they feel more like that friend you get to know outside hazy pub smoking areas. Style, second to none.

Introducing Goodhood’s collaboration with London fashion house and firm store-favourite LF Markey, a duo that we should have guessed from their East-End foundations were soul-set to make the perfect love child. It’s the sort of collaboration that takes you perfectly through a lazy London day - queueing for brunch at an overly-popular eatery, cycling over to meet friends at the market, before brushing your way past throngs of other young vacant-eyed creative-somethings in a bid to catch your mates in the next pub. Whatever it is you’re doing, whoever you spend it with, and whatever surprises may come as one drink turns to many on your Saturday night, the collection comprises tried-and-tested versatile garms that are a sure style hit.

And it’s not hard to see why; LF Markey’s signature utilitarian luxury is a stylist’s favourite for those up-and-coming artists and fashiony types alike. Combine the house’s expressionist print, figuratively fresh off the canvas, then add in a little of Goodhood’s murky monochromatic colour scheme and you’ve got this winning signature look. It couldn’t be more East London.

Well, it’s that effortless dressing that Goodhood lovers seem to exude as they flock to whatever next venture they make, be it city hustle or weekend escape out the Big Smoke. It’s style made for living, and made for invariably British weather, huddled under heaters in beer gardens and hungover jaunts for a Sunday brunch. It’s the all-new that LF Markey’s typically colour block looks do so well, remaining timeless, and – dare I say it – genuinely flattering on any figure. The four pieces mark the essence of both brands, effortless style, with the romantic, wide-frill Botany Top being the rooftop cocktail girl’s antidote to the t-shirt and Fat Boy Trouser combo of the more streetwear wardrobes out there. Oh, and we should mention, these two styles balance perfectly together for a fully decked-out look. Pair with that the washed mid-weight linen that the capsule is thoughtfully constructed in – think even better with age and breathability that makes you an Autumn-dressing expert – and you’re sorted for any occasion.

It’s an exclusive capsule especially for A/W 2020, but ready to take you through to the sunnier side of the cooler British months. Dress it up, dress it down, layer it or clash it. Whatever you do, make sure to cop it exclusively at Goodhood from August 27th, either online at or in its freshly re-opened Shoreditch store at 151 Curtain Road. And try not to get carried away with the mags, craveable ceramics and endlessly appealing tote bags while you’re there - don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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