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Kirsty Latoya Creates Beautifully Therapeutic Art

Therapy. The treatment of mental or physiological disorders by physiological means. Therapy and art have a storied relationship. Some may argue that the best form of art is that which makes you feel. Emotionally Connecting to people through art is a craft that has been established for centuries, using art as an outlet to release. Captivating artists such as Frida Kahlo and Mark Rothko turned their passions, pains, and displeasures into delightful works of art, documenting their struggles through ‘Art Therapy’. And this continues into the current artistic era through Kirsty Latoya, finding inner peace through a canvas of no limitations.

Latoya is a 26-year-old multi-talented creative that often pens vividly relatable poetry to her compelling paintings. Her journey to art is an inspirational story that provides the foundation for the narrative of her work. Latoya is a lady of Caribbean descent, Jamaica precisely, who has had art be a part of her life since she learned how to write. She found joy in her creativity and her mother, Rose, was the first collector of her work.

Latoya is an important part of the modern art world. Touching people through art in her own way, like Jean Michel Basquiat, Bright Ackwerh and Ayogu Kingsley. She has exhibited her work at various art galleries in the city of London, featured on multiple media outlets to tell her story vocally. Latoya also reaches out to her audience through spoken word and poetry. These forms of artistic expression further add to her creative repertoire. Latoya often uses words in her art to further drive home her message, similar to artists like Basquiat and Cy Twombly.

The pain he has been through has shaped her, reminding people that there is always hope. she recalls feedback from fans of her work, saying “I’ve had school kids messaging me, young women and people much older than me all sharing their experiences.” Causing her to feel more empowered in her work and a constant advocate for changing the stigmas of mental health. She is the rose that grew from the concrete and her darkest times have lead her into the light. Flourishing into beautiful and inspirational art, fulfilling her dreams.

- New Wave Magazine Issue II

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