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Kanye West Releases 'Wash Us In The Blood' Featuring Travis Scott.

The Chicago rapper has teamed up with Houston's finest Travis Scott in a powerful and symbolic track with accompanying visuals depicting police brutality, videos of Breonna Taylor dancing and the video of Ahmaud Arbery jogging before his tragic death. The video shows graphics in a very similar style to Kanye'sYeezus era and show Kanye with his face covered and morphing, amongst short clips from different videos that have once trended on the internet. The video was directed by cinematographer Arthur Jafa and the track was mixed by Dr. Dre.

The track was previously leaked a couple of days before its initial release but when announced by West himself, he revealed that it would be the single for his new album God's Country.

As the track talks about issues such as racism, genocide and slavery, the visuals more than anything merge strongly with the lyrical content, much like watching This Is America by Childish Gambino. Showing real videos taken from social media that we see on Twitter, Instagram and the news puts in perspective the astronomical and devastating events that have been happening in North America up until today.

Both Kanye and Travis rap in the bridge symbolising that this album is still going to be circulated within Christian rap, however from hearing the instruments and production, it will take a different and more hard-hitting twist rather than mostly gospel like Jesus Is King. The new track has been heavily compared to the Yeezus and The Life Of Pablo eras.

Holy Spirit, come down (Come take)

Holy Spirit, come down (Come down)

Holy Spirit, help now (Way down)

Holy Spirit, help now (Uh, uh)

Watch the video right here and let us know what you think of Kanye's new track.

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