• Daniella Francis

JVCK JAMES Offers 90s R&B Vibes With Hot New Single ‘No Drama’

JVCK JAMES shares his new single No Drama which follows his standalone single Favours. No Drama sees

JVCKJAMES paying homage and tribute to the 90s R&B era with sweet-sounding vocals and smooth visuals. The 90s R&B inspired production is embellished with a rhythmic base, twangy strings, effortless adlibs and harmonies coupled with an infectious hook. JVCK JAMES is proving his sound is diverse ranging from a trippy and edgy delivery on Favours to a flawless ode to old school R&B. The complementary visuals for No Drama highlight our favourite 90s R&B trends including group choreography, memorable dance moves, baggy clothes, white tank tops and low lighting to name a few! JVCK JAMES mentions “This new single embodies everything I loved about the 90s R&B era. From the imagery to the grouped choreo. Back in the day, I would mirror dance routines from my favourite music videos on MTV, wishing one day to be able create my own stamp. R&B is really all about the feeling, being able to translate that over with your voice, lacing it with harmonies (my favourite part) and then embodying that emotion through style and movement”. With his deep connection and love for 90s R&B, JVCK is sharing his rendition of this era with seamless streaks of the new age sound. The R&B space kid is most definitely an artist to watch, and with his upcoming EP out in March, JVCK is starting 2021 with a bang! Check JVCK JAMES’ new single below and let us know what you think!

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