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Corteiz RTW Get It Out The Trunk

The illusive streetwear clothing project Corteiz RTW conducted a car boot sale on a cold winters day by the Patta London store in Silver Place. This is definitely not the first time the minds behind the Corteiz RTW brand have brought a new dynamic into clothing retail. This past summer, Creative Director Clint met with many young individuals invested in the Corteiz RTW brand outside the Basement Approved store in London. Corteiz RTW as ,still a creative project in it's infancy, feels like a member's club, a direct to consumer motto that puts experience and quality assurance first. although the brand is consistently growing, recently attaining 10 thousand followers on Instagram and frequent sold-out drops, Corteiz RTW continues to be a brand for the people, constantly giving the people really in tune with the brand an opportunity to be part of the journey and bringing a certain excitement to the now mundane methods of releasing clothing online. New Wave took a trip down to the Car Boot sale to document the experience.

Photography by Gravis Visuals

Words by Derrick Odafi

Creative Director Clint In Unreleased Corteiz Clothing

The trunk of the glossy blacked-out Golf is the storefront for the day as the Corteiz RTW team wait for buyers to approach. On sale are limited amounts of the sought after Corteiz RTW Joggers in the black and red colorway, along with the black and red signature Corteiz RTW t-shirt. The red balaclava is also on sale as buyers approach the car and make their transactions as though it was 2003, selling mixtapes and CDs out the trunk of a car. This concept is not just a cool idea but adds to the nostalgic yet authentic energy that Corteiz RTW offers its audience.

The "CRTZ RTW" license plate is an excellent touch to the Car Boot Sale, The Corteiz RTW shop on wheels is almost a statement of how tangible the brand is, which is also a testament to the DIY identity that the creative Director Clint has threaded through the development of the brand. The Car Boot Sale is a statement of entrepreneurialism but also giving consumers and kids of today another access point to their favorite brands other than Brick and Morter stores or online domains.

Corteiz RTW is consistently developing new and unconventional ways of relaying their message of individualism and an identity that is not trapped within the confines of the norm.

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