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What Happened To Vlone?

The title of this article is loaded, however, we will be unpacking some of the key points of the brand that have been ever-present in youth culture since it's beginnings. Before we go further, it is important to explain that Vlone is not solely a fashion brand but a lifestyle brand that has infiltrated youth culture on a massive scale. This separation from your average streetwear brand is why it is important to detail the points that lead the brand to where it is within the current landscape. Due to this fact, we can also link the connection of fashion to Vlone with A$AP Rocky's presence as part of the A$AP MOB, although it is the flagship, there are various parts to the infrastructure that allows the structure as a whole it to stand on its own.

The Parallel between the ASAP Mob and Vlone doesn't end there because a founding member of the A$AP Mob, Bari, is also the creative director of the lifestyle brand and oversees all things Vlone, other integral members of the Vlone team during its inception where Edison Chen, a multitalented individual and designer for Vlone and of course A$AP Rocky, who as previously mentioned was the style icon that brought the initial attention to the brand. The ethos of Vlone was potent and appealed to it's demographic in various ways. Vlone is a play on the word 'Alone', which is an identifiable feeling for a lot of youth as they find their way through society. The brand's slogan 'Every Living Creative Dies Alone', written on the sleeves on long sleeve T-Shirts and other garments, were