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Beth Duck Releases Cyber-Pop Anthem 'Nomophobia'

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London-based electro-pop artist Beth Duck has made a blazing return with the release of her newest single 'Nomophobia', a song inspired by the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone in a society that finds itself glued to technology. The undeniably cyber-pop anthem is both relevant to our generation and a more insightful take on traditional pop themes, something that is a definite neon green thread throughout Ducks music. The track itself is reminiscent to the likes of Chelsea Jade, Charli XCX and MUNA, bragging a modern infectious pop sound that is minimal yet futuristic, paired with perfect pop vocals that bring fun and memorability to the song. Produced and co-written by One by One, (a songwriter and producer duo from Berlin) the single will be the first of many releases from her upcoming debut EP ‘Looks Like I Have a Life’ which is scheduled to drop this summer.

When not writing for herself, Beth writes for other producers and artists such as Mike Kintish ( Becky Hill, Grace Carter) and Sam O'Neil (TCTS) and after accumulating over 5 million listens across streaming sights on feature tracks such as 'Sick Of Love' with Lucian and 'A Little More' with Olmos, shows no sign of stopping the momentum she has built. These experiences have made the young songstress accustomed to having control of her brand, often acting as an artistic director and singer songwriter whom also involves herself heavily in the production side of things.

Visually the entire premise behind this cyber-arthouse music video is to show the stark difference between how we as a generation have learnt to portray ourselves on the internet versus the actuality of the reality we find ourselves in. The video was shot in Berlin with Nicolas Blanchadell and a collaboration with DONK, a Manchester-ubased renewable fashion brand run by artists both of which aid the viewer in getting a real taste of Ducks ability for storytelling and individualistic vision as an artist. Check out the visuals to Nomophobia below:

I'm stuck online,

I wanna hang out in real life

No matter how hard I try,

I can't put my phone aside


"Nomophobia was inspired by a realisation that we, as a generation, have become so obsessed with our phones that we are stuck online in a cyber world where we no longer need to hang out in real life”. Nomophobia is the irrational fear of being without your mobile phone and I can relate to this just as much as anyone else". - Beth Duck

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