• Shenead Poroosotum

Bebeluna's 'Who Are You' Is A Stunning Ode To Self-Growth

The North London hailing musician has released their highly-anticipated debut single in the run up to the release of their first EP Ecdysis. Whilst 'Who Are You' captures the birth of self-transformation within the mind and soul, it also highlights the downfalls and internalised reflection, like a metamorphosis of the body and ego.

As Bebeluna writes and produces all their music themselves, they also sit within the bedroom-pop genre spectrum but is influenced by everything and anything around them. With 'Who Are You' starting off with a hazy guitar intro into velvety vocals and brewed with a lush outro, it acts as a harbinger of warmth and coziness to a cruel and uncertain world. Whilst dipping into a handful of creative mediums, they blend their love of film with intention of creating something unique that can genuinely incite Bebeluna's true meaning to relatable listeners, whether it be through how they present themselves to the world or letting someone find similarities within themselves to make them feel more whole.

In terms of the meaning of Ecdysis, it shows how we start to shed the idealism of endless youth and begin to understand the real world around us. It can be a painful process but flourishing into a new and ripened individual is what it's all about.

Listen to Bebeluna's 'Who Are You' right here!

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