• Thelma Khupe

Ants XI Delivers Smooth Vocals In His Latest Music Video 'Peng Ting'

'My Peng Ting she's all mine' the East London based artist sings over the smooth, resonant production on his hit single 'Peng Ting'. Taken from his four-track EP 'Cupid', the song is an ode to UK R&B and Afro Swing and tells the tale of Ants XI's experience with love.

Ants XI has proved himself as a multifaceted artist time and time again with both his singing and song writing. And on songs like Peng Ting, Ants demonstrates his flair for both. With his older brother DreUK on production, the songs cool toned, R&B vibe blends seamlessly with it's UK influences to create is nothing short of R&B excellence.

Ants XI's steady rise to stardom, catalysed by a string of releases this year, created a buzz among his following amassing over 36,000 followers and over 270,000 streams . 

'I decided to shoot a video for that song because my fans really wanted it. People were sending me Triller's on Instagram and Snapchat of them enjoying it so I knew it was only right that we filmed the video'

The video, filmed and directed by Nate Paps and Cebo focuses on the singer inside a lavish apartment and of course, a 'Peng Ting' by his side. And with over 80,000 views, it's no wonder why Ants is one of the most sought out artists in East London.

'This is my favourite video so far and was everything I envisioned before seeing the final piece.' 

Stream 'Peng Ting' below.

By Thelma Khupe

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