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Revolutionary Rebel Explores Masculine Identity Through Fashion

ÈKÓ 29:11 is a Nigerian based design label, founded by Adesewa Adeniyi whom is a recent graduate in fashion design from the University of Hertfordshire. Revolutionary Rebels offers a spring summer 19 menswear collection with a relaxed fit and eclectic mix of fabrics for the summer and reflects a style for a man confident about his sexuality. We regularly come across the term 'Toxic Masculinity' in the current age but what are the ideas and solutions to the way in which the status quo of male expression can be combated? in a productive way.

Ideas of portraying sensitivity and freedom of expression in the male figure through fashion is a concept that we have seen to blossom in the work of established designers from Nigeria such as Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture and Adeniyi brings another dynamic to that concept through her work.

The Eko collection demonstrates an effortless use of quirky details with a mix of short sleeve T-shirts and long sleeve shirts matched with easy fit trousers to give off a relaxed and comfortable look. The vibrant colour palette in some of her pieces are clear examples of the story she wishes to tell within her work. Abstract expressionist art seems to be an influence with what seems to be a paint like pattern in some of her pieces, while keeping to her heritage with garments such as a contemporary take on the kente style short sleeve shirt and loose fit trousers

It shows a strong influence of traditional Nigerian menswear creating a link with an alté street style. The collection title, ÈKÓ 29:11, refers to the vibrant city of Lagos also known as ÈKÓ in Yoruba, and the digits 29:11 is made up of a personal verse with a deeper meaning.

From Adeniyi's return to Lagos from her studies she felt as though she had a more relaxed view on life, yet filled with the greatest hustlers that she have ever seen , therefore she began to take more chances, bolder steps, which are showcased in the bold perspective of main fashion she chooses to create.

ÈKÓ 29:11 invites you to encounter dynamic colours and materials that have been used to evoke the feeling of life as a man in Lagos, Nigeria. Adeniyi describes her vision of this project as "Depicting the Lagos version of masculinity, you see the elegance of a well-groomed man living a “chilled” lifestyle. Long shirts paired with easy fitted trousers made with soft and breathable fabrics"

Follow the brand and the designers journey here:

Brand Instagram: @revolutionary_rebel

Founder's Instagram: @fade.rera

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