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Album: You Should've Known by Serious Klein

Serious Klein, known as Kelvin Boakye is a Ghanaian-German born rapper who Has recently released his second full length project ‘You Should’ve Known’. Serious Klein is gathering serious interest especially from one his track 91 Flex which is on his

latest album. Along with performing the song on popular platform COLOURS, it acts as one of the more aggressive and hard hitting songs on the 16-song offering. This album displays the refined sound of the Ghanaian-German born rapper.

The album begins with a spoken word piece speaking to the limitations of time and that motivating him to make the most of his talents and purpose, setting the tone nicely for the album. Serious Klein has a great talent for playful melodies and sounds in his music that provide an attractive bed for his lyricism to lay in, this can be recognised in songs such as ‘Boy Boy’ ‘Black on Black’ and ‘These Days’

Another track to look out for from Serious Klein is the track ‘Voodoo Money’, The second of a 3 part series featured on the album, which samples Rich Boy’s ‘Throw some D’s’. The album is a culmination of genres with storytelling and word play at its core, Klein has described his music as ‘Artrap’ which comprises of a multitude of genres of music such as Jazz, Soul, Funk and Trap.

Listen and comment about the full project below!

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