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Drake 'Scorpion' Album Review

On June 29th 2018 we welcomed the fifth studio album by the beloved Canadian rapper, Aubery 'Drake' Graham.This album surprised fans as it consists of 25 tracks, making Scorpion a double album. The two albums are split into 'A Side' and 'B Side'. The 'A Side' essentially provides listeners with hip hop tracks whereas the 'B side' provides R&B and pop genre sounds. After the conflict between Drake and Pusha T, especially after the release of Pusha T's diss track, "The Story of Adidon" the anticipation for the album grew day by day as fans wait to hear Drake address the controversial references made by Pusha T. Fans were patiently waiting for Drake to comeback at Pusha T with a devastating record, similar to 'Back to Back' during his dispute with Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. Also the track-list featuring the King of Pop and arguably the greatest rapper of all time in Jay Z most definitely added to the anticipation for this album.However it seemed like Drake had a different approach. Drake focused all his attention on the album "Scorpion", and uses this platform as an outlet to discuss his current issues, emotions and feelings.

The first track "Survival" Drake references his previous issue with Meek Mill and P Diddy he further mentions, "Now I got to deal with all this drama and deal with myself". Even though, "Survival" is the intro track on the album Drake dives deep into previous public issues. On tracks such as "Mob Ties", "Nonstop" and "Blue Tint" we hear the uptempo and rapper Drake. We hear a hiphop, trap approaches throughout these songs which instantly appeal to many. These tracks are less emotional and more about Drake exuding his braggadocios flair . In "Mob Ties" Drake raps "Sick of these Nigg** hire some help to get rid of these nigg**". On "Mob Ties" Drake carries a savage and untamed approach, as he takes several digs at unnamed individuals.

Prior before the album was released Drake teased us with two well-known singles that dominated the charts which were "God's Plan" and "Nice For What". These tracks were both relatable, had a universal appeal . "God's Plan" demonstrated the act of giving whereas "Nice For What" is arguable the female anthem for 2018, supplimented by an excellent instrumental by Murda Beats which samples Lauyrn Hill. These catchy melodious songs are memorable and kept us patient for the album "Scorpion".

Drake's album "Scorpion" includes R&B inspired tracks such as "8 Out of 10", "Sandra's Rose" and "Jaded". We hear Drake pour out his feelings and emotions in these tracks which make listeners reminisce on prior albums such as "Take Care". "8 Out of 10" gives us a classic beat which samples Marvin Gaye "All The Way Around", which adds to the old school and soulful feel of this track. Drake then sample Plies at the end of "8 Out of 10” this sample seems to address constant issues in the media concerning public beef with other well-known artists. The song ‘Jaded’ shows a vulnerable Drake explaining the relationship with a previous love interest, some have speculated that 'Jaded' is Drake expressing his private thoughts about the British songstress Jorja Smith, however this has yet to be confirmed. At the end of the relationship it seems like Drake was hurt by this unnamed woman. Drake provides soothing vocals along with Ty Dolla Signs complimenting the track with background ad-libs.

One of the major stand outs on the album is universally confirmed as the viral record 'In My Feelings' (partly thanks to Instagram comedian Shiggy Show and New York Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr). The song possesses an infectious melody that showcases Drake's ability

to keep his ear to the streets/underground by tapping into the talents of Miami duo 'The City Girls' and his constant capability of creating universal music for all ages, colours and backgrounds. We see Drake further express his feelings and recent life changes on the last song of Side B called ‘March 14’. This is the first time Drake talks about his emotions and feelings concerning his son.

‘Single father yeah I hate when I hear it’

‘I used to challenge my parent on every album’

‘I got to think for two now’

At this point as a listener you sympathise with Drake. The most challenging period of his life is at the forefront of social media and exposed by other rappers.

‘Scorpion’ in my opinion is one of Drake’s best bodies of work. The vulnerability coupled with the trap vibe and the ability to give fans similar sounds we find in ‘So Far Gone’ and ‘Thank Me Later‘ is what made this album a stand out. The album is breaking records including pulling over 1 billion streams in the first week and 7 songs from the album being in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 list. Drake has provided us with a universal sound for the past 8 years, and we look forward to many years to come.

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In My Feelings

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