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Fatal attraction

All pain dissolves

As a loving resolve, takes control

As a spirit rises, so do the surprises

Having no idea between the two I can confine in

Graceful with every action

Mind fills with infatuation and distraction

Is this my fatal attraction?

She is calculated, orderly, and methodical and classy

Straight answers and quick talking

Commanding steps while walking

The other is adventurous, lively, crazy, fearless and cute

With a voice that resembles a Mozart symphony accompanied by two flutes

Hand and mind go numb, as I miscalculate these sums

Surrounded by gloomy faces, trapped in this dreaded rat race

Jokes really on me as I can’t keep up the pace

I grow weak, as I haven’t seen you in weeks

My heart plunders, as I sit and wonder

Was being with you, really the right thing to do

I search for answers, signs, counsel and clues

Realizing staying here with you, was really the safe thing to do

Playing it safe is really the riskiest option

As risk holds rewards and challenges, not corruption

So, I turn at this junction,

building both strength and character

Remembering the function of your sweet beckon call

I was stupid and faithless, of course that path make me fall

A silly fickle mind, of an 18 year old tool

Admiring your beauty, and the wonders of our flow

HB PENCIL! How did I ever let you go.

#art #pencil #mozart #hb #cute

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