Pi'erre Bourne Covers New Wave Transcendence Issue 

When you think of the new era of rap in terms of production, you’d often think about bumping 808s sitting under spacey melodies – this is quite largely down to the unmistakable influence of one artist, Jordan Timothy Jenks, better known as Pi’erre Bourne. Ever since his major breakthrough producing for Playboi Carti in 2017 on his breakout hit single ‘Magnolia’, Pi’erre has inspired a whole generation of producers, with his influence seemingly everywhere in the rap game; from 808 patterns to hi-hats and replica Pi’erre Bourne sound packs, which have helped create a whole new wave of rap production.

Pi’erre Bourne is a Belizean-American that spent most of his formative years growing up in Durham, North Carolina to a military family from Queens, New York. He would often visit Queens New York to see his grandmother during the summer breaks, his surroundings during his time in New York lead to his interest in East Coast hip hop artists such as Dipset and G-Unit. Music is an art form that is not foreign to Pi’erre’s lineage because from a young age he was inspired by his uncle Dwight who was a rapper and graphic artist. Pi’erre first began making beats when he was in elementary school, using FL Studio on his uncle’s computer.

Pi’erre also followed his uncle’s footsteps by studying graphic design for a year before dropping out at 18. At this point, his love for music became more than a pass time as his uncle encouraged him to pursue his career in music. Pi’erre moved to Atlanta to study sound engineering at the SAE Institute. Pi’erre’s journey in the music industry began as a sound engineer for Epic Records in 2015. A year later he came into contact with artists such as Young Nudy and Trippie Redd after leaving Epic to cultivate his career on his own terms.


Creative Direction - Derrick Odafi, Farris Ashraf
Interviewer - Levi Wilson
Photographer - Farris Ashraf
Stylist - Sophia Alonge
Assistant Stylist - Palesa 
Visual Director(s) - Derrick Odafi, Bijoux Chima

Special thanks to Soss House

At only 26, Pi'erre Bourne has made one of the most considerable impacts on the music scene in comparison to his age mates with multiple chart appearances, production for some of the most reputable artists in the game, one of the most distinct sounds and producer tag, and now, becoming a label owner with SossHouse, whilst still remaining relatively under the radar due to his low-key personality and work ethic. 2020 should be a year in which Pi’erre Bourne goes even further, as he hinted that his focus is on SossHouse, which inevitably means more projects being executively produced by him, giving him the chance to be known as so much more than a producer/rapper. As someone who has already done so much for the game and inspired so many, we get to see him take control and guide projects as an executive producer and hopefully, see a lot more music from the man himself.

However, you will be mistaken to think that Pi'erre has any plans of slowing down as the artist and super producer is hard at work on multiple projects, such as the last installment of the TLOP series and has recently been announced as the #1 producer on the Billboard Hot 100 producer list, officially making him the top producer in the music industry at this current time. Pi'erre's instrumentals are a highlight in the new chart-topping album LUV vs Rage 2 with songs such as 'Yessirskiii' ft 21 Savage and 'Wassup' ft Future. Pi'erre will also most definitely be involved in the new Playboi Carti project scheduled for release this year. Asking Pi'erre about his relationship with the Atlanta rapper, he states that at this point their bond has gone far beyond the parameters of music, over time they have become brothers.

Pi’erre’s distinct sound paved the way for the whole new scene; his spacey sound selection, instantly recognisable producer tag and signature thumping basslines have been integral to furthering the new trap scene we've seen coming out of Atlanta in the 2010s, the city which Pi'erre made his name.  He has had a hand in producing some of the biggest trap songs of the last few years, with hits like ‘wokeuplikethis’, ‘Magnolia’ and ‘dothatshit!’ by Playboi Carti, ‘Gummo’ by 6ix9ine (a hugely controversial situation), ‘Watch’ by Travis Scott, in addition to his own breakout singles ‘Poof’, ‘Marie Curie’ and ‘Yo Pi'erre’.

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So Pi’erre, We understand you spent most of your time growing up in between Columbia, South Carolina and Queens, New York, what were the main differences growing up?

Pierre: New York in general has more things to do, it’s easier to travel - public transport isn’t frowned upon, you’re not lame for being on the bus or train, but down south in Columbia, getting a license is like.. the thing. So you can drive, pick up your friends, go to parties and go get food and stuff like that. That was the difference, in Columbia everyone was stressed about getting their license… immediately, so you had some sense of freedom. In New York, you have freedom with your two feet. Just walk and go do stuff, so I preferred staying in New York because of that.