Photography Lily Mcmurray

Model Ella Mcmurray


Pink Shirt, Weekday 

Green Corset, Ellie Misner 

Purple Dress,  Weekday 

Earrings, Mimco

 An exploration of how during these uncertain times, everyone's mind is racing and searching for clarity. 'Stillness' is shot in the stunning countryside of Hampshire. 

Shirt, Soulland 

Corset, Ellie Misner

Earrings, Chorley Would

The vast fields behind the model represent the never-ending state we seem to find ourselves in right now: when will it all end?


With one model we show how alone and helpless this time can feel for many, but by using playful expressions we show that, overall, you can find positivity in this situation. Using brightly coloured bustiers and layered shirts/jackets (prominent in recent collections), we will show femininity as well as strength.


Shirt, Soulland

Bodysuit, ASOS

Belt, Vintage 

Corset, Ellie Misner 

Earrings, Chorley Would


 The pop of colour in the looks against the green backdrop add a lightness to the shoot. We wanted it to feel modern and strong, whilst demonstrating that taking a breath and appreciating the world stood still will do us no harm. The project is shot on 35mm colour film using natural light. We will play with the surroundings to create lighting variations and natural shadows. The images should feel very real but with a playful and uplifting element. 


Jacket, ASOS Design

Corset Belt, Alzang

Earrings, Topshop


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