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Celestial Dimensions

Creative Director and Photographer: Bonnie Paul

Scenic Painters: Bonnie Paul and Rita Ade @ritz_da_builder

Set: Rita Ade @ritz_da_builder

Costume: Joy Craig @joycraig and Rita Ade

Visuals for: @waved.360


These images are for my durag line Waved.360 it is a luxury durag brand and I wanted to portray this in the visuals.

The whole theme of my shoot is black empowerment and royalty. I was inspired mainly by Renaissance paintings and Greek gods. Now, as these gods and subjects in the paintings are all of a white decent I thought it would be a good way to play on the idea that black God’s existed/exist too.


I made sure I put together a team of black women as well to ensure I am being a part of uplifting the people who are sometimes overlooked and underrepresented in the creative world!

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