NSG Discuss Fashion, Friendship, Heritage & Getting Paper Daily

Hailing from Hackney, East London, home to many prominent artists with strong roots to the continent of Africa, rap group NSG have proven themselves to be an unstoppable joint force. This is not only through their artistic growth but as innovators with great plans for the motherland, starting with the opening of The Area Bar in Ghana. NSG never shy away when it comes to embracing their roots, an act that is always reflected in their music. The rap collective's music has been categorized within the afro-swing genre, a fusion of afrobeats, bashment, grime and rap. Since the success of their debut mixtape 'ROOTS', NSG have only been going from strength to strength as a highly respected entity in the UK music scene. 


The long-awaited single 'Colonization' represents what NSG stand for as a group and that their movement is getting deeper than just music. The video highlights clear themes which many black youth have and still do experience in their communities. Some themes illustrated are gang rivalry, selling drugs to make ends meet to support their families, migrating from Africa to the UK (“Couldn’t be in vain that our mums migrate anyway”) and more. ‘Colonization' was surely worth the wait and hype. Merging their love for the motherland and music, the six-piece collective allows listeners to still enjoy the song through their distinctive afro-swing sound, whilst at the same time putting us in deep-thoughts revolving around the video and its meaningful lyrics (“Used to cut so much crops, felt my skin irritate”// “Got about on the block felt my ankles ache”) Though these lyrics reflect their experiences, it also touches on their ‘roots’ and the representation of Black heritage, at the same creating imagery of slavery, what many of our ancestors did go through. ‘Colonization’ is a powerful song that bridges the past and present theme of ‘colonization’ as a whole, with the present day being a successful, positive outcome.   


Words Grace Zadi

Creative Direction Derrick Odafi & Condry Calvin Mlilo

Photography Condry Calvin Mlilo

Stylist Alive Lujilbula

Styling Asst. Miatta Coomber, Diana Scarpignato

MUA Blessing Kambanga, Natalie Messimo

DOP & Editor Michael Stuart Daley

Director Daniel Igbinyemi

Production Asst. Alyshia Carmen

Fashion Daily Paper

Studio Lucerne Studio

The London-based rap group has no problem when it comes to creating their own wave whether it be in music or fashion. Being their own competition has enabled them to mount an indomitable journey to success. Their impact on the scene has certainly been awarded and recognised as they took the number one spot with ‘Grandad’ on the first-ever Official Afrobeats Chart. When it comes to afrobeats in the UK’s music scene, NSG has unquestionably earned their respect, from songs earlier in their career like the ‘Whine & Kotch afrobeat remix’ (2013) , which some consider as the blueprint in their journey, as once upon a time clashes between Carribeans and Africans existed in the UK, so a remix to the popular bashment song just went to show that NSG were in it for the long run, with many have cultural differences in the UK the group made it clear that music is one thing we can all as many share our love music. Additionally, from ‘No Jamo Full Ghana’ to songs like ‘OT BOP’, ‘Options’ ft Tion Wayne, ’Airplane Mode’ ft Nines and more big songs, the boys continue to display their significance and notoriety in the UK. NSG really deserves their flowers, as afrobeats and afro-swing have come a long way within the music scene. 


NSG spent the day with New Wave for a photo shoot where they were styled in ‘Daily Paper’ clothing. Daily Paper (est. 2012) is taking the global fashion world by storm as they’ve opened stores in Amsterdam, NYC, and recently London. The brand’s designs reflect the founders who are truly inspired by their