Music influences my mood 24/7, especially in lockdown. Whenever I wanna feel something or get in a certain zone, there's always a tune that fits the moment. It's also really nice sharing that same influence with others like when everyone's listening to the same thing together as well.

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Mood Spins is back again! On this occasion, we tap into the excellent musical taste of Selecta Suave. Selecta Suave is known across the city of London as a great talent behind the decks, and the official DJ of one of the best lyricists and songwriters in the UK, Kojey Radical. Selecta Suave's musical taste is made of variety, however, he always keeps his attention on the bubbling subcultures of multiple genres to stay ahead of the curve. Selecta Suave recently came off a US tour and also took over the decks at a private event in NYC, slated to perform at Lovebox before the worldwide pandemic, Selecta Suave is showing no signs of slowing down. We spoke to Selecta Suave about songs he would play in specific scenarios and mindstates, enjoy his latest mix 'International Drillings' as the curtains close.

What song do you play after you’ve just killed a show and everyone is on a high?

Kojey Radical - Proud of You. I'm really self critical so it's important for me to remember to be proud of myself especially after performances, and this tune here literally embodies that energy!

What song do you play when a close friend comes to you for life advice?

A2 - Clearly. This song's very introspective and sonically sets the tone for those deeper life conversations, perfect for unpacking difficult topics.

What song do you play when you feel stagnant and need to break out of a routine?

Tame Impala - Past Life. Sonically this song is very different to the stuff I'd listen to on a day-to-day - the fact that Tame Impala is an incredible producer and vocalist makes for a nice change of scenery to the ears.

What song would you play in the back of a Maybach on your way to a 5 Star restaurant?

Kanye West - Devil In a New Dress (ft. Rick Ross). This tune is luxury rap peaking. Full braggadocio, unapologetically suave lyricism. When Mike Dean's guitar solo comes in, close your eyes, you'll start smelling the expensive leather and really feel the luxurious vibes.

What song would you play if you were in the middle of a warzone with opposition at every corner?

Headie One x K-Trap - No Convo – When we talk about crud, this is one of those songs that really projects that energy. No convo, get on that demon time!

What song do play on the ride home from an enjoyable outing with a young lady you admire?

Santi - Raw Dinner (ft. Kida Kudz). This one's a real smooth, sexy and suave vibe, very wavy one after a great time with a sweet one and you really just wanna feel yourself!

What song would you play your favourite artist asked you to put him one to some new music?

GBNGA - Civilian. I have a soft spot for laid back wavy rap. This one's real infectious and full of good vibes, I can guarantee this one will get your shoulders moving.

What’s the first song you play when you’re in the mood to dance and feel a vibe?

Happi - Bel-Air. Happi's production and wavy songwriting make for a real feel-good banger, I love playing this real loud and dancing my life away in my room.

Photos & interview, Frank Rodriguez

Transcript, Matilda Sandi

What song do you play when you’re feeling stronger and more energetic than usual?

J Hus - No Denying. This one is perfect for when I'm getting my Militérian vibes on, I really be slapping my chest with all the vim when I play this obnoxiously loudly. I can confidently answer yes when Hus asks if I'm stronger today after playing this a few times!

What song do you play that takes you back to a great place in your life?

KwolleM - Mellow EP Intro (feat. L-IFE & Dizzee Rascal). This project as a whole holds a lot of sentimental value, as it reminds me of the time when myself and my peers (like KwolleM) were beginning to find our feet in our respective creative outlets. Real carefree and good times, you know?

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