Music to me is a wonderland, it’s a whole world I can immerse myself in. In this world I can feel every kind of emotion and I’ll have a soundtrack to go with it - soundtracks even. Music is like an invisible best friend, one that you can only hear and feel. It can be very intimate, to the point where in certain settings, I get pretty invested in seeing how people react to my song selections and feel a sense of pride and joy when it gets a good reception.
Everyone should be introduced to music from a young age, it’s only right

A New Wave Presentation

Mood Spins ft JEENIIUS

For this installment of MOOD SPINS, we have a conversation about music with talented DJ and music connoisseur Jennifer Onwuta, better known as Jeeniius. Jeeniius is a young lady with great promise in the music industry, already DJ'ing sets on popular platforms such as BBC 1Xtra, Balamii and No Signal. She definitely knows her way around the decks and keeps her ear to the Underground, breaking new singles on her own show 'In The Lab' on Tribe Urban radio every Sunday In The Lab. Jeeniius' musical periodic table has every element necessary for a great time, her careful and precise alchemy is perfect for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. Also working to get her A&R certification, we can expect her to be a notable name in music in the near future giving young artists an opportunity to grow and blossom.

For this feature, we get into the musical mind of Jeeniius and ask her a few questions on music she would spin based on a particular situation. Scroll down for the full feature.

You’re about to make a really bad decision, what song do you play to talk yourself out of it?

Know Better - Headie One ft. RV, the name alone would be a sign!

You live in a penthouse suite with a great view and everything you touch turns to gold, what song do you play to keep you level headed?

Burna Boy - Dangote, definitely

You’re at a school and you’ve been asked to play a song that inspires the kids, what do you play?

Aaliyah - Try Again, this’ll inspire them to not give up even when they’re told they won’t make it.

You’ve been though a tough time and need some solitude, what are you listening to?

 Lex Amor - Mazza, the perfect song, it just makes me think

You’re at a photo shoot and need to bring out your most confident self, what would you play?

Jobs - City Girls, Eeoowww!

When you feel nostalgic about a time or place in your life, what song comes to mind?

Fuckin Problems - A$AP Rocky ft. Kendrick Lamar, Drake & 2 Chainz, Reminds me of when I was in Nigeria and my cousins and I were in the car and we all sang along word for word when we most definitely had no business doing so [Laughs]

You’re in a stagnant place with your partner, what song would you play to reignite the excitement? 

Get You - Daniel Caesar ft Kali Uchis, My hypothetical partner. This would have to be the song. We’d sing along to this whilst dancing, he HAS to like this song [Laughs]

You’re currently in the best dream you’ve ever had, what song is playing in the background?

Fashion Killa - A$AP Rocky, this song only brings about positive vibes & memories 

You’ve been asked to make a speech at your university graduation, what song would summarise that speech?

Lead The Wave - Takeoff hahaha, need I say more?

What song brings you out of a place of doubt or uncertainty?

Can I please choose these two? I couldn’t decide!

Lift Off - Jay Z, Beyonce & Places You’ll Go - Majornine 

Listen To Jeeniius' No Signal Mix