"When I listen to songs, I attach myself to the melody rather than the beat itself because it is what we sing or hum. Melody Creates Emotion. It is clear that light and colour can affect us in ways that goes far beyond regular colour vision and I’m gifted enough to see this when I do listen to music. For me colour represents mood."

A New Wave Presentation

Mood Spins ft NOSA

For the first episode of Mood Spins, we get into the musical mind of NOSA, known for rocking shows with his eclectic sounds and seamless mixes that bounce sporadically between genres and sub-genres. Expect to hear anything from gritty drill to euphoric 80s pop from the talented disc jockey. NOSA has DJ'd at various events across London, the latest being the TRU Religion x Jaffa Studios celebratory event in West London. We spoke to NOSA about songs he would play based on his mood or situations he may find himself in, enjoy his latest mix 'SOMA' as we sign off.

What song do you play once you’ve landed in Paris on your way to a runway show?

Uber Everywhere – Maison2500. Timing is of the essence, and I know for a fact taking an
uber/kapten is important to get your destinations because everything moves so quickly. Almost like
a necessity. The song gets me in the mindset that those days are going to be a thrill.

What song do you play when you’re feeling overwhelmed and feel like things are moving too fast?

Break Down Break Thru – Hannah Lev. Beautiful chilled song that I could just bop to. Very dope song
to listen to if you’re feeling stressed. Bass is slow and heavy and the strings are nice.

What song do you put on when your shopping for a new outfit at a vintage store?

I don’t go to a lot of vintage stores but I’ll probably say Cameo – Back & Fourth.

What song would you play if you were about to land on the moon?

Get Lit – ASAP Rocky. That song just feels like zero gravity straight up. Yup.

What song would you play if you were on a high-speed chase, evading the authorities?

Kasien & Kelvin Krash – CSWS. That song should’ve been in a lot of shows by now.

What song do play for a young lady getting ready for a night out with friends?

Say Ahh – Trey Songz. Very lit song to get your night started

What song would you play if you feel like you have something to prove?

Kid Cudi ft. Willow Smith – Rose Golden. Basically the story of my life. Always been on my own wave
since a kid so I’ve always felt different or not apart of something. Caused a lot of people to doubt
and misunderstand me. But slowly everything will come together.

What’s the first song you play when you get passed the aux cord at a Raf Simmons runway show?

Gesaffelstein – Hyperion. Just go listen to that song ASAP.

Photos & interview, Frank Rodriguez

Transcript, Matilda Sandi

What song do you play if you’ve just had a heated disagreement with a young lady?

Yah Mean – Playboi Carti

What song do you play when you’re outside with friends?

Novelist – Myself ft. Shailan. Beautiful song. My friends and I relate to it well. In terms of our
upbringing, we all had it similar. There’s unity in that.

Listen To The New NOSA Mix 'SOMA'