Music has honestly gotten me through everything in life, especially during the quarantine period. DJing during these corona times has been like therapy for me and knowing that we are still bringing people together through the music regardless if it’s in a venue or a live Instagram set from the bedroom.

A New Wave Presentation

Mood Spins ft DENAAS

Mood Spins episode 5 is a special edition as we had the pleasure of speaking to talented Disc Jockey, DJ Denaas, who is also our first lady on the series! DJ Denaas is a well-respected DJ within the London music scene, having played sets on platforms such as Represent Radio, Foundation FM and No Signal, Denaas's taste in music is one to be noticed with a tendency to get any event lively with her smooth mixes or get you in your most somber emotions on a late-night jam session. Denaas has also had the opportunity to DJ for brands and acts such as Bone Soda, A2, Calboy, Redbull and the first-ever GRM GALA, a summary of her long list of accomplishments.

Also being 1/4 of the female DJ collective CTRL SHIFT she has various assets to offer the UK music scene.

We tapped in with her and asked a few questions about her current mood. Listen to

her latest mix 'LOCKED UP' as the credits roll.

What song would you play on a late-night drive through Dubai?

Ahhh don't even remind me of travelling in these corona times lol, jokes aside I've been loving Gunna's latest drop "Wunna." 

The track I'm feeling a little extra at the moment is Nasty Girl/ On Camera. I love the smooth beat and the flow is too cold it's like he surfing

What song would you play when you need to calm down after a heated argument?

I like to embrace my emotions and feel it until I'm over that emotion so I would probably listen to Summer Walker - Riot. 

It definitely depends on what the argument was about though I might just play Smack a Bitch with Rico Nasty if you catch me on a bad day lol.

What song describes your current state of mind?

Right now my head is pretty much everywhere and nowhere at the same time so the music/genres I listen to right now variates a lot but one thing that stays consistent is my love for storytelling and I feel like Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G do that perfect. Listen to Deep End - Sleepy Hallow and you'll understand where I'm coming from.

What song would you play to your younger self for reassurance?

I don't even need to think twice on this one, if you know me you know this is my shit from one of my first ever DJ sets.

ICY GIRL - Saweetie. sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are that bitch even if you havnt reached all your goals.

What song would you associate with heartbreak?

I like to listen to a lot of Drake when I'm going through it, especially old Drake although I am really feeling Chicago Freestyle at the moment.

What song would you recommend to a friend who is looking to listen to a new genre?

It might not be the most peaceful music but I love my drill music. The beat, the lyrics, the delivery is all me. 

Another interesting genre I recently found is called "scam drill"  after listening to G4 Boyz - Local Scammer. I was in conversation with Ice and he enlightened me with this new genre.

What song do you play first thing in the morning?

Pop smoke- invincible. 

Need to be grateful and let the music live on forever.

What would be the theme song if you were the protagonist in a 90s teen movie?

Definitely anything Brittney Spears or Beyoncé

I was a huge fan growing up and I would always perform for my class in school lmao.

Photos & interview, Frank Rodriguez

Transcript, Matilda Sandi

What song would you walk out to on a runway?

Cover girl - BIA

Such a mood at the moment, been rinsing this song out

What song would you play to give an artist inspiration in the studio?

I would probably play my favorite Lil Baby - "Freestyle". Once again the delivery, lyrics, storytelling.

I love it when artists work with a simple beat and just murder it with lyrics. Also, have to mention J.Cole in this as he is one of the realest

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