Once you do that hard reset and remember who you are and where you come from, and understand you can do whatever you want. 

A New Wave Presentation

Mood Spins ft DAMNSHAQ

On this week's episode of Mood Spins, we had the pleasure of catching up with one of the most energetic and talented DJs and

personalities in the UK right now, Damnshaq. A fixture in most of the best events across the city of London, Shaq over his career has continued to bring his

lively and infectious energy to any function he happens to serenade on the decks. Recently launching his own show on popular

platform No Signal, every Saturday at 7PM, he continues to evolve within the industry while having a strong connection to the growing UK subculture and the mainstream. Shaq's brand over the years has formed various outlets for him to express his creativity, such as his events company Damnshaq House

and campaigns for various brands such as Size?, Russell Athletics and more. With one of the most impressive social platforms in the DJ/Personality world, Damshaq has proven himself to be an authentic tastemaker in music and culture.

We sat down with him to spin a few records with us.

What song do you play when you have to make the biggest decision you ever made?

Sheff G - Think I'm Playin'. 

What song do you play to bounce back from Ls?

Lucky Daye - Misunderstood. All the times I'm misunderstood, I get really frustrated when someone isn't understanding my perspective. You're in a female situation, sometimes you're in your feelings so I just listen to R&B.

You get one chance to impress your friends with something they've never heard before - what do you play?

Rasharn Powell - Smithereens. For one Rasharn is an amazing artist - new and up and coming. I pride myself on finding talented individuals and I think he's just raw talent at its finest. Amazing songwriter, amazing singer, amazing live and a really nice, humble. I knew him for a year but never knew what the f**k he did, I just knew he was good vibes and I liked the energy. One day I went on Insta and he had a show, so I just went on a whim and I was blown away.

What song do you play if you were in robbing a bank in an action film?

Fivio Foreign - Bless the Both. It's hype, man.

What song is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Fergie - Glamorous. I put that in sets out of nowhere, I even put that in my 1Xtra set.

What song makes you feel immortal?

Joey Bada$$ - Pennyroyal. I'm being forced not to put the whole album (I would've chose the whole thing).

If you had to pick one track that represents you, what do you go for?

Ludacris & Bobby V - Pimpin' All Over The World. Self explanatory.

What song would you play if you were falling in love at first sight?

Party Snoh Alegra - Whoa. A woman says whoa multiple times,and it hits me. Why? Because I'm Lonely. I watched the music video, saw Michael B Jordan and I've been told once, when I had plaits, that I look like him; I've held that close to my chest. That means one day if I pattern myself up, I might look really sexy and have a sweet one by my side. I want someone to cuddle me... I want breakfast... lips in the morning and night... candlelit dinners... strolls in the park... international flights when we can! ( I belong to the streets, I'm cappin'!)

Photos & interview, Frank Rodriguez

Transcript, Matilda Sandi

What song gets you the most energetic and hype?

 Playboi Carti - Flatbed Freestyle. For cultural purposes. I've played this every single rave I've ever turnt upside down. When you hear the intro, you know what time it is. Moshpits, you're headloss.

What song do you play when you feel like you have too many things going on at once?

Kirk Franklin - Imagine Me. Kirk Franklin makes me feel like a kid at sunday school again. It's like a reset, as you grow up you start to encounter a load of hurdles and mountains you don't think you can climb. Once you do that hard reset and remember who you are and where you come from, and understand you can do whatever you want. Kirk Franklin enables your mind to go that space. It's uplifting, it's like positive vibrations in music. You can't listen to gospel and not be uplifted - to speak for myself. No swearing. Good vibes - it's what I thrive off, I absorb a lot of energy and try and only take in good sh*t. Not only is it amazing to listen to instrumentally, the message is amazing.

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