LZEE Is An Artist With High Expectations, Preparing To Release His Debut Project 'L4ZY TOWN'

The music scene in the UK right now is the best it has ever been! Multiple sounds reaching the surface from all over the country are being given their well-earned recognition.  One of the talented individuals in this scene creating a lane for the new generation of artists is LZEE, A North London based lyricist with a distinct vocal tone and impressive clarity. LZEE first gained the attention of music lovers with debut single “Gavin & Stacey”, which he followed up with catchy 4THEWEEKEND and Elementary, the latter recently reaching over 1 million streams on Spotify alone.


At only 16, he has shown that age is irrelevant when it comes to how much talent one can possess. He recently teased a new project by unveiling “Expectations” which is set to feature on the Camden resident’s forthcoming mixtape “L4ZY TOWN”. With impressive visual presentations and an eye for the top spot in the music industry. We had a conversation with one of London’s most promising artists LZEE about his ambitions, his upbringing and growing up fast in the business 

Interviewer Gloria Bikolo

Photography Mitch Peryer




I hate writing cliché bars and when you have a wider vocabulary it is easier to write meaningful lyrics."


What are your origins?

Dad's from Barbados and my Mum's from England


What is one word that comes to mind when you think about where you are originally from?



You’re only 16! How did you find yourself in the studio at such a young age?

I’ve loved music from young and had links to studios due to family, so I guess I just got lucky in that sense. I first recorded a track in a studio when I was 13.


Did you ever rap for your friends coming up?

Yes always, even before I knew I could rap well me and my friends would freestyle at school for fun.


Your biggest song so far is Elementary and you speak on music coming effortlessly to you, what part of your skillset do you work on the most?


Probably my vocabulary because I hate writing cliché bars and when you have a wider vocabulary it is easier to write meaningful lyrics.


The song has a very simplistic melody at the start, was that to keep in line with the concept of the song?


Nah it didn’t really have anything to do with the lyrics that’s all down to the producer.


You have a very commanding voice at such a young age, do you feel like you are much older than you are?

Sometimes I feel like I’m older and a lot of the things I do might make it seem that way. However, I do notice things that I do that adults wouldn’t and that snaps me back into place.