LZEE Is An Artist With High Expectations, Preparing To Release His Debut Project 'L4ZY TOWN'

Interviewer Gloria Bikolo

Photography Mitch Peryer

What about your upbringing made you feel like that?


I don’t think it’s anything to do with my up-bringing I just think that’s how yutes are these days, everybody wants to be older than they are.


What has been your proudest moment so far since your break into the industry?


Probably hearing my songs being played on Radio 1 and Capital because I’ve been listening to those stations since I can remember.


On Elementary you say ‘You know imma bring my slime in, we shining’, who are the people you hold dearest to you?

I’ve got lots of different friends so this one is hard to answer, however I do have friends that rap and you will soon see some of their material.


How would you describe your sound? 

I think my sound is quite jumpy, I have a fast flow which I think keeps people engaged when they are listening.


Who helps you develop your sound? Do you have a go to producer? 


Yes, I have a few go-to producers mainly JT, Twist and Milts.


How do you feel about finding your feet within the industry at such a young age? 


I feel lucky and it just reminds me that I’ve got loads of time to develop, learn and improve.

What is one thing you are most worry about when interacting with people within music? 


Not sure maybe that we won’t work well together.


What are some of your ambitions for your music? What do you want to accomplish most?


I want platinum plaques, number one singles, to perform at festivals and to be known globally.


The reception for 4THEWEEKEND was crazy, did you expect it? 


No, not really but it was a pleasant surprise

What was the inspiration behind 4THEWEEKEND? 


There wasn’t really an inspiration I just went to the studio and cooked up.


You mention going viral on the song, what do you think did that for you? 


Personally I don’t think I have gone viral yet


You also give advice about not faking it till you make it, give us an example of what that would be? 


Don’t look down on the come up


We’ve had the song on our ‘Next Up’ playlist for months now, what’s on your playlist at the moment?


A few different songs a lot of M1llionz, J Hus, Roddy Rich, Travis Scott, Octavian


Who are your idols in Hiphop/rap, UK or otherwise? 


People like Skepta, Jay Z, Stormzy and Travis Scott


What are your dream collaborations? 


Probably like Skepta, AJ Tracey, Dave or Octavian


Who is your favourite producer in the game right now? 


Twist, JT or YozBeatz


Tracksuits or designer clothes?


 Tracksuits AND designer clothes


What else can we expect from LZEE in 2020?


A lot, just make sure to stay tuned


If you could describe your next project as a movie, what story will it tell? 


The story of a 16-year-old from London trying to make it to the top.


What would you say to people that are sleeping on LZEE right now? 


Wake your ass up before someone else has to do it for you.

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