Photography Lennon Gregory


Pink Shirt, Weekday 

Green Corset, Ellie Misner 

Purple Dress,  Weekday 

Earrings, Mimco

 An exploration of how during these uncertain times, everyone's mind is racing and searching for clarity. 'Stillness' is shot in the stunning countryside of Hampshire. 

Shirt, Soulland 

Corset, Ellie Misner

Earrings, Chorley Would

The truth is racism towards black people and other minorities are so deeply rooted in our social and political institutions and embedded in the mindsets of the generations that came before us, that the majority of people are, to a degree, brainwashed, and don’t even realise it. At some point, I honestly believe that all white people would’ve acted whether consciously or unconsciously as a result of that conditioning/white privilege. It’s time to do better.

This last week has forced conversations and deep introspection. Conversations have presented the branches of a much more racist generation and highlighted the flaws in the foundation of thought our country stands on.
We have to hold ourselves accountable, and seriously acknowledge, understand, take advantage of, and act using our privilege as a platform to elevate this message for change.

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