George Guise better known as ‘Visionnaire’ is a visual director and producer. Visionnaire is a considerably experienced filmmaker that has made his name in the world of music video production, more specifically in the genre of Afro Beats and UK Hip Hop. His work has taken him around Europe, Africa, and across the Atlantic to the US and Canada during his 10 years + career. His background in film making comes from studying the craft at the University of Westminster along with a talent for graphic design. Visionnaire developed his style through years of experience working with other directors in the industry, which eventually gave him the opportunity to take on projects of his own and consequently allowing him to start his own production company in 2012 called ‘Visionaire Pictures’. Visionnaire is a director that prefers to focus on the full body of work as the time and effort took to bring his concepts to life are best represented by experiencing his work as a whole, however, we had the opportunity of getting an insight into some of Visionnaire’s ‘Key Frames’ in some of his prior visual catalogue. The visuals from his long list of projects chosen for this feature are ‘Too Bad Bad’ by Shakka featuring Mr. Eazi and ‘Melanin’ by Afro B.