Directed by Ilan Lampl

Director of Photography : Ethan Lodge Producer : Rafael Ramirez Creative Director : Tommy Saint Gaffer : Nela Reslar 1st AC : Ollie Bingham 2nd AC : Harry Coleman 1st Assistant Director : Monica Georgieva Production Designer : Ellie Prudence Production Assistant : Luke Wright Drone Operator : Archie Baker + Harry Gallagher Photography : Archie Baker DIT : Sam Storey BTS Photos : Tom Russell VHS/Edit : Ilan Lampl Colour grader : Jessica Vile Dancers: W.A.R (We Ain't Regular) Driver: Zana May Opposition Car: Dreya Mac + Laqwarn Robinson

“CYP” offers a fresh perspective to the UK Hiphop music scene and a visceral audiovisual introductory experience to the world of Tommy Saint. The production of the song is based in dark trap, carrying with it an energetic bounce. The vocals offer unique rhythm and an infectious chorus that captivates. The lyrics were written as a way of silencing the petty noise with which we are often surrounded - it announces Saint’s feelings of freedom and makes it clear that he is not a character to be boxed. The cinematic experience that accompanies the track is made in collaboration with director Ilan Lampl, who brought flair and style to the production of the video. The track centres itself around the ability to do whatever one wants, pure freedom and a perfect message to begin the music collection of Tommy Saint.