Interview by Rehana Harmony


Launching our new iteration of the ISO series in collaboration with Creative Debuts, we have an insightful conversation with Pana Roux Zvakaramba. Pana is a multidisciplinary designer, director and artist who describes himself as a 'Third culture kid', due to his global upbringing in multiple locations and cultures. At the age of only 25 Pana has already developed his almost never-ending skillset to a standard that has garnered interest and patron from companies such as Dreamville Records, Santander Bank, Complex Media, and many more. Pana and his creative Agency Aeism, which offers a wide range of services such as Brand development & strategy, UX/UI Design and visual production, was recently one of the 10 black-owned businesses which received a grant by Samuel Ross's fashion label A Cold Wall. Pana is an extremely talented individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience which we tap into below.


Hey Pana, please introduce yourself? (Where are you from, heritage, age, occupation?) 


Hey, I’m Pana, I’m 25, and I’m a multidisciplinary artist & designer of sorts. I'm what you call a third culture kid; being born in Zimbabwe, I was raised in South Africa, & spent my formative years in the UK, before finding myself settled in France, Paris — where I currently live.


We know that you are a Founder, Designer, Strategist, and Developer, it must be hard to juggle all four. How do you stay balanced?


I really don’t balance them at all! Running a multidisciplinary agency is something I’m still learning how to do, and along with that comes managing interpersonal, internal, & external relationships. I use Notion, a productivity app, to cross-reference any planned “thing” in my life, and it’s where the agency “processes” & stored information. Here I can plan my personal life, organise agency projects, and invite our clients to collaborate all on one platform. There’s this philosophy I fell in love with by a this dude Tiego Forte; The Second Brain Movement. Since I couldn't have two me’s, I did the next best thing my designing and setting up an extension of my thinking space. I really suggest anyone else out there looking to run multiple projects invest some time into what I’d call a “human operating system” for your productivity management. All the things that need to be related can be tracked outside your brain, freeing up some cognitive capacity for the magic we call creativity to happen. It’s not a balance at all, it’s organised chaos, like an ecosystem.