GZ Tian Talks To Us About Having No Limits, His Always Changing Surroundings & New EP

Interviewer Fatima Sheekhuma

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Does being capable and aware of the various aspects of creative work make it harder or easier for you to collaborate and trust others with your vision?


Not either really, there are times when you're working with someone, for example we just shot a video with Armin for my next single, and it’s one of them, you know what he’s capable of – let him do what he wants. Ray Culture, who produced Moody Kid, it was one of them, you see him in the studio, you can feel his musical brilliance – let him do what he wants. I always feel I have ‘something’ to add which no one else can, but if that ‘something’ is letting the creation of it flourish and not interfering with the process, then so be it. Too many creatives have an ego thing, they want to get their little win in the studio or whatever. That’s something that I won’t collab within the long run. Music should be free and honest. Ego’s in the studio are frustrating man. But I’m open to anyone’s ideas; they just need to come from the right place.


If you could work with anyone, musically, production-wise or visually who would it be?


At the moment I’m just focusing on releasing this EP and then, judging the position we are in, I’ll be able to think about that in a more realistic way. I want to get back in the studio with Ray. Link ups with some Manchester artists would be sick as well to be fair – Mastermind, Just Banco, Tunde, Iamdbb. All artists I listen to. 


If you could support anyone on tour, who would it be?


X before he died. Big fan of the American guys though – Trippie, Iann Dior, The Weeknd. I think the UK is slowly starting to breakout of the kind of GRM, Linkup and Mixtape Madness sound which has dominated for the past few years. Some more interesting music been out – M huncho, D block.  A lot of artists I rock with on that level. 


London or Manchester?


You know what, because I’ve been coming down to London since I was a kid I've always seen this triangle in my head between London, Liverpool (where my Mum’s side live, and where I learned about Chinese culture/music through my Grandma and Granddad) and Stockport is where I grew up – which we will count as Manchester for now even though we have our own postcode. I always feel most at home when I’m travelling between the three. I get too bored in Manny at times, cause there’s not much to do in Parkside, and transport in Manchester is dog. London is suffocating at times and Liverpool is a nice balance cause of my friends there. So, long-winded answer. But I like rotating between the three of them which I’ve not been able to do cause London’s got my wallet in a mess. But yes, somehow, I live in the relationship of those three cities. 

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